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Upgrade Oral Irrigator Wireless Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Water Flosser

Upgrade Oral Irrigator Wireless Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Water Flosser Item NO: OC-TB010

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  • 【3 Mode Precisely Deep Clean】Advanced 3 flossing modes with memory function. 1400-1800 times / min water pulse, deeply clean every corner precisely. Water pressure from 30 to 100 PSI to deliver a constant stream.
  • 【300ml Detachable Water Tank】Made of anti-bacteria and food-grade composition. Separate full opening detachable water tank helps it fill and dry out easily, clean thoroughly the scale and bacteria inside keep the flosser clean.
  • 【5 Rotatable Nozzles】5 * 360° rotating long nozzle, It's perfect for anyone with braces or implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers, helps clean up the blind spots, remove debris.
  • 【Elegent Designed Gift】Elegant appearance Unique designed battery indicator, can monitor the power visually and charging in time, avoid out of battery suddenly.
  • 【Best Choice for Travel】- With durable rechargeable lithium battery, the water flosser will last up to 14 days' continuous use after one full charged in just 4 hours.
Product Name Upgrade Oral Irrigator Wireless Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Water Flosser
Item NO OC-TB010
Weight 0.4000 kg = 0.8818 lb = 14.1096 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag water flosser cordless , Water Dental Flosser , Cordless Oral Irrigator , Handhold Water Teeth Cleaner , Waterproof Water Flosser
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-02-14

Effectively Against 8 Oral Problem

Water flossers are excellent as a supplement to regular dental hygiene. Oral irrigators are less likely to cause gum bleeding or irritation. They’re excellent for cleaning around braces, 

bridges, or implants. For people who are with hand pain, they can be much easier to use than traditional floss. Water flossers can be more effective than string floss at removing debris 

and plaque from beneath the gum line.

--With the continuous power of 1400-1800 waterjet pulses per minute.

--This compact water jet penetrates deep between teeth to help remove tough food debris.
--Especially in places where traditional floss and toothbrushes can't reach.
--These cleaning pulses also stimulate and massage the gums. Gently remove tiny food particles often trapped in the small ------periodontal pockets between teeth and gums.
--Be more effective than air flossing, interdental brushing or string flossing for removing plaque and improving gum health.

What's in box?
1* Liberex Water Flosser
1* USB Charging Cable
5* Water Jet Tips
1* Carrying Bag
1* User Manual


Mutle Feature

1. Anti-slip handle: grainy backshell enhanced friction and easy to hold rather than slip off.
2. LED battery indicator: monitor the power visually to charge in time, avoid out of battery suddenly
3.Leak-proof plastic cap: special designed cap make you fill the water easily.
4.360° Rotating Nozzle: comes with 5 interchangeable 360° rotating ergonomic nozzles, deep removal of bacterial debris

Easy to Fill and Clean
Rotate to remove water tank
200ml water reservoir provides
50 Seconds continuous flossing; no hassle to refill
Note: Liberex suggest replace the tube per 3 months for better and more healthily use.

Open-end Design for Easily Cleaning
Detachable water reservoir of 200 ml.
Avoid the hassle of having to frequently refill the water while flossing.
Every time you do wish to floss, just open the lid, add water or mouthwash through the inlet, and turn on the switch.
In addition, our open-end design makes it great for every day cleaning.

Convenient and Portable- making traveling easy
Comes with carrying bag, weighs less than a pound, stands on only 5 inches of bathroom countertop space, and fits perfectly in your toiletry bag for use at work, in school or during travel
Support USB Charge: After every full charge, the working time of this oral irrigator will last up to 2 weeks
Universal Voltage: Flexible 100-240V power supply for travel anywhere in the world


Standard Tips

For teeth's dialy clean, ultra-fine pulsed water flow, not only uses the force of water to floss the teeth, but it massages gums and feels great while getting all the food particles out of my teeth.

Periodontal Tip

For periodontal pockets. Deeply rinsing into the interdental fissure and subgingival site.

Massage gums, promote blood circluation under the gums, relieve periodontitis, gingivitis, teeth shrinking, reduce the thickness of pocket.

Dental Plaque Tip

For implants, dental bridge, false tooth crowns. It has 4 thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around implants, crowns, bridges and other areas that are susceptible to plaque accumulation.

Orthodontic Tip

For the person with the false tooth, wearing orthotics, dental braces, teeth socket. It removes hard-to-reach plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires.



Haven’t had this long but it arrived promptly. It’s easy enough to use and makes your teeth feel very clean. Battery life ok but not brilliant but nonetheless would recommend.



Good quality. Doing the job. I am using only slow mode. It has 3 modes. Slow, fast ,and pulse.


Cecilia c.

Ordered 2 water flossers (1 white 1 black) the models are slightly different, mainly the front display, with the black having no charging port cover as the white does, and no battery level display, again which the white does. Therefore I'd go with the white if choosing between the 2. Came very quickly with extra heads for different dental needs, charger and a handy travel pouch large enough for all of the above, and even has a nifty inside pocket for the different flosser heads, so you dont need to root like Mary Poppins to find the one you want. Had a small issue with a larger water suction tube being packed in my delivery, wrote to suri in customer care who was both very helpful and quick at replying to my query of having a replacement correct fitting tube sent out to me. Within 2 weeks it arrived (I actually got 2, thank you Suri,) and now it's working like a dream. I'd highly recommend this product, as it's more effective then manual flossing, (dentist recommended) you do see small particles coming out occasionally that your toothbrush may have missed, and this is experience working with an electronic toothbrush, and I've even noticed my teeth have come up a few shades in brightness. It's cheap and very cheerful.


Amazon Customer

Flosser quickly gets any bits of food out from between your teeth, was easy to use from the start. As long as you keep the nozzle in your mouth it does not make a mess. I've only used the standard nozzle on full power and had a little bleeding from the gums on the first 2 days - all good now. Battery life is weeks not days, just enough water in the tank to last. It is too big to pack for backpacking but would be OK if you took a suitcase or car! Would recommend over dental floss, if it keeps working for a few years it might even be cheaper!


Welsh vic

Wow, this is a experience. My dental hygienist recommended using a water pick as an alternative to flossing so I bought this one. A couple of points, I would recommend using tepid rather than cold water to avoid an ice cream headache, also make sure you are in the shower when you use it as I cannot imagine it is possible to use it standing over the sink without spraying water up the walls, the bathroom cabinet, the towel rail, your nose , eyes and floor as it is really quite messy trying to control a mini nerf water pistol in the mouth. The water reservoir is also small despite the items bulky size (too large to pack for travel I would say) so it runs out pretty quickly and is a race to get your teeth done. God help you if you were Rob Beckett.



On first unboxing it’s way to assemble and use. I decided to test it and was only expecting a light jet of water but within seconds I’d covered the walls in water whilst frantically trying to turn it off. If you were to put paint in it you could decorate a room in minutes. Works well however and teeth feel much cleaner.


Marisa M

Was hesitant to not get a branded water flosser but this works amazing and I’m so glad I got it.


Viktoria Idakieva

Good product. Does the job and it feels nice. However, my gums bleed easily so I'm having a bit of issue there (not that it will be different from any other flosser). Overall very satisfied.


Richard Field

I've struggled with gum disease for years, even to the point of potentially losing teeth. I've tried everything to keep it at bay... special toothpaste, diligent flossing, interden brushes, etc etc. Within weeks of using this Liberex water flosser there has been a really significant improvement. My dental hygenist has been amazed. I wish I could have bought one of these years ago. I have no hesitation in recommending this clever, effective low-cost piece of kit.


margaret c.

Read all the reviews and chose this flosser based on it's reviews. Good product.



I love this product. The design and features are awesome. It comes with 5different nozzles which is perfect for a cleaner result.althought ir some son pieces. It is really easy to set up, you only need to connect the tanks with the irrigator and then place the nozzle wanted. It has 3 levels of irrigation which can be controlled with the buttons. It also comes with a waterproof bag which is perfect for travelling. In addition the battery lasts pretty long. I have used for more than a week with a single charge.


Amazon Customer

This replaced an older water flosser, good pressure and battery life. However the power switch is too sensitive and switches on too easily, also the water pick up pipe falls off often.



It does the work. I have to learn how to use it



It does the work. I really like it.


Gary BBB

Bought for my wife and she's delighted with it. Arrived on time and good quality product.


D dwane

Excellent flosser teeth feel dentist clean



Excellent. Prompt delivery and good quality. Only got it a day ago so haven’t tested battery life



Works well. Easy to use. USB charging is a plus



Excellent product easy to use good delivery. Had used a similar product made by another manufacturer but that only lasted a year and the controls were more of a fiddle.Very pleased with purchase.Very easy to use and my mouth feels clean and fresh



This is great, you don't realise how much this thing washes out, from between your teeth.
With four different modes, to suit your mouth.
Word of advice, for the first time your using it, do it over the bath until you get used to it.
Or better still watch someone else use it for the first time,