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Professional Nail Dryer with Smart Sensor, 48W UV/LED Curing Light

Professional Nail Dryer with Smart Sensor, 48W UV/LED Curing Light Item NO: LS-001

US$ 49.99
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  • Evenly distributed 36pcs UV / LED lamp beads with 50000 hours’ lifetime, cure all kinds of gel nail polish prefectly and quickly.
  • Flexible drying options with 4 timer settings: 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s (low heat mode). Long press 99s timing button for 2s to double the curing power, making it 2X faster to cure.
  • Smart Sensor: Automatically lights ON once putting hands inside, and OFF when hands out.
  • Overheating Protection: Relieves burning sensation once the inner temperature goes high, ensuring the safety and comfort while curing.
  • Large LCD time display screen allows a precise control of curing time.
  • Guarantee: 90 DAYS MONEY BACK, 1 YEAR WARRANTY and Life-time MAINTENANCE.
Product Name Professional Nail Dryer with Smart Sensor, 48W UV/LED Curing Light
Item NO LS-001
Weight 0.9100 kg = 2.0062 lb = 32.0993 oz
Category Lifestyle
Tag Nail Dryer , Curing Lamp , UV Nail Dryer , nail uv dryer , 48w nail dryer
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2018-09-20

-- Would you want to save money and DIY beautiful nails at home?

-- Still anxiously waiting your gel nail polish to dry?

-- Do you want to use many kinds of nail gel polishes to do manicure/pedicure at the same time?

Liberex 48W Smart UV LED nail lamp it is ready for you !

* Dimensions: 8.07 x 8.46 x 4.13 in
* Weight: 2lb (907g)
* Watt: 48W
* 36pcs UV / LED lamp beads
* 4 Timer Settings: 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s (low heat mode)
* 2X Faster Curing: Long press 99s to double its power
* Smart sensor for switching ON/OFF automatically
* Overheating Protection and LCD display screen
* Time Memory Function

Package Include
1x Liberex Nail Dryer
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual


Enjoy Your Nail Art at Home or Salon

-- Smart Overheating Prevention

Built-in temperature control chip, automatic adjust the temperature in the light box and maintain a comfortable temperature for human skin.

-- Removable Base

Anti-leakage light base can be disassembled freely for easy foot access and easy clean.

-- High Wattage Cures Nails Faster

Powerful 48 wattage shorten your curing time than others dryers

-- LCD Time Display

Large LCD time display, precisely control the curing time.


Linda Pierce

My machine worked great for me but for only 6 months


Carlos Orengo

I'm satisfied with the product worked like expected.



Works great!! Definitely worth the price!



Bought as a gift, might buy one for myself, works nicely, arrived well packaged, dried the gel polished fine and fast, it also looks nice just like the picture.



Bought as a gift, might buy one for myself, works nicely, arrived well packaged, dried the gel polished fine and fast, it also looks nice just like the picture.



Very reasonably priced. Works great and was promptly delivered. Highly recommend


Sharon S

Worked at described


Chris Porter

Works great have had no issues!


Amazon Customer

I loveeeee this lamp. It cuts the time that you do the nails to half because the size of it is big enough that you could fit both of your hand inside the machine. Well done!


Avid Shopper

Works with all gel polishes i have tried. Quick, not painful, always effective. Very happy with my purchase.


Lisa Smith

Very excited to use my lamp with no problems, I have never done my nails before so I was so amazed I could do it! They look great. Ill have to see how well they 'll stay but so far I'm happy!


Matthew Webb

This lamp is amazing! I used for applying gel extensions and painting with gel polish. I love the look and the functionality. I would expect to see this kind of lamp in a salon, it looks very professional. It is also very functional. It auto senses when your hand is inside and turns on. It also counts up so you know how long it has been on. There are also options for counting certain time intervals and a low heat setting. I would definitely buy this product again and expect it to last a long time.



Just started getting to do my own nails at home and this is an amazing light. Does a great job!!


Kina McLemore

Highly recommend this nail lamp. It is very easy to use, I love the sensor on it so you don’t have to touch a button if you don’t want to, and it automatically starts the count for you. Since it’s UV/LED it works for all gel polish, and I haven’t had an issue with it curing any of the polishes I have. Typically takes between 30-60 seconds for a cure. Great product!



It’s very useful. And good design. Hope the quality good too in the future.



Works great !



GF says it makes her gel last longer. Think she uses the dryer between each coat (base, color, final)



So far so good. Feels a little cheap - hope it lasts, only used 1x. Lots of space for hand, and toes if you choose. I only do hands. Think I could have done just as well for less $.


Lauri E.

I am a retired nail tech and is the first time using a led lamp. I really like the light weight and looks of this lamp, and it works a described. I have used young nail gel top coat for a very long time and cured with uv lamp. Unfortunately, this dryer doesn’t appear to fully cure on the recommended time of 30 Sec, and not so great with longer cure time that I have tried! This particular top coat is a no wipe type, but I found that I need to use alchol to help it along and it still buckles/wrinkles. I have used this lamp to cure cnd shellac and it appears it needs to cure for 60 sec, it did cure satisfactorily. I may have to try different techniques in order to get a smooth cure using my young nail top coat. If at that time I figure it all out I will update my review.



Lamp is simple! Be easy to use.
I like automatic function!!!
Do not push the time button , just hand put in the lamp. Be Automatically!!!
I like that!

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