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Liberex Water Flosser for Kids for Teeth/Braces 600ML IP X7 Waterproof

Liberex Water Flosser for Kids for Teeth/Braces 600ML IP X7 Waterproof Item NO: OC-TB016

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  • DESINGED for KIDS - Only 25g weight knob, children can hold it and control water flow easily with On/Off switch, which is 360° rotatable. children sticker bonus gets kids excited about cleaning teeth.
  • 600ML LARGE RESERVOIR - Enables uninterrupted dental flossing, no need to add water during flossing. Noise Reduction Design, 75 decibels Max. Replacement tips and reservoir valve available.
  • 10 WATER PRESSURE - Adjustable from 10 to 80 PSI, more suitable for kids. Build in 3-minute timer allows the water flosser to turn off automatically to avoid overusing and overheating.
  • MULTIPLE FLOSSERTIPS - 7 interchangeable tips are designed to tackle the individual needs for remarkable deep cleaning between teeth and gums: 3 classic jet tips, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 dental plaque tip, 1 periodontal tip, 1 tongue cleaner.
  • ANTI-LEAKAGE DESIGN -- The bottom suction cup avoid slide and water leak. US retractable hose automatically restore to original shape after each use. One year warranty.
Product Name Liberex Water Flosser for Kids for Teeth/Braces 600ML IP X7 Waterproof
Item NO OC-TB016
Weight 2.0000 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag Oral Irrigator , water flosser cordless , oral irrigator syringe , oral irrigation syringe , oral irrigator for teeth
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-08-06



The quality is very good and the color is very beautiful! Also sent a sticker. Children like it very much.


Hao qiang

I like this product very much, and I feel that this cleaning is very clean. The oral health of the main children is very important. I used dental floss before, but the children don t like it.



I took my son to see his teeth last time and found that there were some problems with the teeth. The dentist said that the teeth were not cleaned. The dentist suggested buying a water flosser for kids . I chose this. My son thinks it is amazing. He used it to clean the teeth everyday,and the teeth are washed more cleanly than before. I hope that my son can keep on going to prevent the teeth from getting worse.


Qing li

it make my baby teeth cleaner than before



Kids love to floss now they have this item. Easy to use and exactly as designed.


Edgar Pope

Ultra easy to use - wisdom teeth have a hole in the side, intend to dispose of one side and then pull out the other side, during this period, water floss cleaning, super convenient, clean.


Biaina Amirian

I always pick my teeth with a toothpick and hurt my gums. This project removed all fear of hurting my gums. With different tips and adjustable pressure dials, I can start gentle and work to more pressure. Storage is also a popular place. I like this washer very much.



It is good for kids to clean their teeth. I can clean for my kids once a week. So far it is good and easy to use.


zaizheng zhu

Compact appearance, easy to use. Clean the teeth very clean, the residue in the teeth are washed very clean. My kids love it


Mayu Z

Presser is strong. Overall is good. Kids love it.


tommy g.

Loving this machine! It looks very cute. My boys happy to use every day. It really helped them.Easy to use and clean.


kitty liu

I bought this tooth washer two days ago. It's really easy to use. After my baby had a meal, I washed out the meat residue inside. Now I have to wash her after dinner every day



Great water flosser for kids! My kid likes to use it Everyday.



First, my kids really love it! Since it arrived, we were attracted by the light green color. Meanwhile! they offered the stickers of cartoon animals and this one is so nice and considerate. Love it! Hope that it can last long since we will need it for quite a while. Good for kids teeth.



My son (5) actually use this water flosser. With the sticker help, he had start use it everyday, so we will see if his next dental checkup shows improvement in his gum health. It is easy to use and only takes a minute do. The power is good for kid.



My son is lazy and only brush his teeth in the morning so I got this instead and he really like it!


Mcintosh Lane

I bought Liberex floss for my child to clean her teeth. The first time I taught her how to use it, she quickly mastered the right way to use it, it was still very simple, and the cleaning effect was very good. My child likes it very much, because every time she cleans her teeth, I will reward her with a sticker to stick it on the floss, and she is very happy.


A customer

Nothing fancy, but it’s simple to use. My boy loves it.