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Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement

Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement Item NO.: OC-TB012

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  • 【RESERVOIR RUBBER TUBE】This reservoir tube is standard size designed, it can be used for both 200ml and 300ml water tanks. You can replace it very easily.
  • 【REPLACE EVERY 3 MONTHS】We suggest to replacement water jet tips and reservoir tube at every three months. That will help you take excellent care of your oral health.
  • 【 PREMIUM QUALITY】All of rubber tube had 30 days money back and 1-year warranty for a free replacement.
Product Name Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement
Item NO. OC-TB012
Weight 0.017 kg = 0.0375 lb = 0.5997 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag rubber tubing , rubber tube , tube rubber
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2019-03-04



Works fine with my off brand small chargeable flosser. I lost my original and was so happy to find these, saved having to buy a new flosser.



I did not know how much difference replacing this valve would make. My 'left for dead' Water Pic snapped back to life with full-pumping action. Well...it said to replace this is the initial product literature. Real Men don't read maps or instructions...so we pay the price down the line. Snaps in with firm pressure. The old valve comes out by lifting with firm pressure.



Fit my WP-100 flosser and corrected the leaking water problem I was having.



After my waterpik in my bathroom and my kids bathroom started leaking I got this. Fits perfectly and stopped the leaks.



I have been using this reservoir valve gasket replacement in my Waterpik for several weeks and there have been zero leaks and the water flows out of my Waterpik like brand new and my unit is 2 1/2 years old. My teeth feel cleaner than before I replaced the gasket like I just had my teeth cleaned.I installed the gasket backwards through the bottom of the reservoir with propeller side of the gasket facing me and it easily pops right in.I own the Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser &Sonic Toothbrush - WP-900 and this gasket fit perfectly.This gasket is made by Liberex and they make Water Flossers so I thought they would know how to make a good gasket and I was right and I am so glad I purchased their product.



Worked great in my model WP130-w WaterPik.



I had two water pics and every time I would feel it up the water would come out of the bottom… I replaced both of these and it was like it was working like new. It was a five pack that I received but it was in a clear bag with other items in the box with the plastic bubble wrap I almost threw it away… It needs to be in a bigger envelope. Not clear plastic blue plastic pink plastic but not clear



Popped the old one out, installed the new one and no leaks.



The pliability of the new gasket regulates the flow of water to the proper amount .



I used to have to buy a new water Pik. The rubber gasket would always start leeaking. I installed 1 of these 8 months ago,m and still no leak. They last longer the original ones. Love this product.



It came with a black traveling bag and the adaptor that’s so perfect since I travel almost every month .The rechargeable battery holds up a lot , the pressure is greaIt have 3 modes available and warning for those who have sensitive gum need to use soft mode first since it might cause bleeding in normal modeI need to make sure I don’t lose it when I carry it around because it’s so tiny



I have just recently purchased one of these water flossers but my kids stole it for me so I decided to buy myself a travel one and I love it even better. It’s so sleek love the color works so well. Perfect size for traveling. I’m a little obsessed with it.



I struggled to install the until I coated the valve with liquid soap which makes it much easier to pop into place.I also installed



I purchased this to use at home daily and I wanted something that would be fairly compact to travel with. It was ready to go out of the box when I tried it out. I have since fully charged it and used it about 3 more times now and it is still on full charge. I expect it would last all month for my needs.



I really don’t like using ordinary dental floss, I think they are always stuck in my teeth, so I decided to give it a try! It is easy to use and comes with many tools that can be used for flossing, brushing, tongue cleaning, etc. In addition, there are 4 cleaning modes + 10 DIY modes-in addition to the original 4 cleaning modes (soft, medium, strong and pulsating) to meet various oral care needs. you deserve to have.



Compact and easier to use than devices I have used in the past.



I have been using this daily for a week and a half and I couldn't be more pleased. I suffer from gum disease, so I try to take care of my gums as much as I can. This water flossers can get deep into my gums better than normal floss and is easier on my gums as well. The head shown in the picture is for deep cleaning, but there are several heads with a description of each to meet anyone's needs. I also like that the water pressure can be customized to find the pressure that was perfect for me.



After using the teeth a lot cleaner, a lot more confident! At the beginning, if you are not familiar with it, you can use it at a low level. After you are familiar with it, you can start to use it at a high level. Slowly, it needs patience, it is light and easy to use



I'm like everyone else. I go to the dentist and get told I need to floss more yet I don't do it. With the water flosser, I actually floss every day. I usually fill it with warm water and use it in the shower so I don't deal with the mess. I definitely recommend it for improving your dental hygiene.



ove ít . Ít is easy to use , simple , clean , and strong .