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Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement

Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement Item NO: OC-TB012

US$ 10.00
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  • 【RESERVOIR RUBBER TUBE】This reservoir tube is standard size designed, it can be used for both 200ml and 300ml water tanks. You can replace it very easily.
  • 【REPLACE EVERY 3 MONTHS】We suggest to replacement water jet tips and reservoir tube at every three months. That will help you take excellent care of your oral health.
  • 【 PREMIUM QUALITY】All of rubber tube had 30 days money back and 1-year warranty for a free replacement.
Product Name Liberex Water Flosser Oral Irrigator Dental Water Jet Replacement
Item NO OC-TB012
Weight 0.017 kg = 0.0375 lb = 0.5997 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag rubber tubing , rubber tube , tube rubber
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-03-04


Joe M

They work fine in my waterpik flosser I just think they are way over priced for 5 little washers.



Stopped the leaking and was easy to install. Thank you!



Fit was great, installation was easy.


Richard T. French

just what I needed


Amazon Customer

works fine


Old Guy Geek

Make sure you insert the 4 tabs on the bottom of each of these. If you don't get them all in it will still leak. Once it's completely seated, this works perfectly.


Joann A.

I really do like this order I will buy it again when I need it


Tim O

Been a couple months so far and not a leak. To be fair, on the original one, I never shook out the tank. I would just let it sit. This time, I put the tank upside down each night to drain and dry out. But, it's nice not having it leak everywhere when I fill it.



Stopped the reservoir leak on my Water Pic



Great deal 2 for 1


Gary W Wood

Worked perfectly.





Kindle Customer

Replaced the original which had begun leaking. Appears to be the same quality as the original. Installed and worked perfectly.



Stopped the leak, easy to install


Tod Jeffers

My wife and I have had Waterpiks for years now and the gasket in the corner will start to leak over time. If you need these, then just buy them. I purchased the 5 pack to have extras when the time comes to replace them. The old ones pop right out and the new ones pop right in. It's that easy.


TransStar Corporation

Great replacement. Out with the old leaking one....in with the new.... no more leaks.


George M. Wilson

These gaskets seemed a better bet. However, after replacing a gasket it still leaked, but not as bad.


Mr Billl

I replaced my old (wp-100) waterpik (about 4 years old) about 1 year ago because the tank leaked due to worn out gasket. I was unable to find these gaskets. The cost of a replacement tub wasn't worth it.
My new(er) waterpik started to leak. I found these. I couldn't find them a year ago, but I did this time. They were generic, but I ordered them anyway.
Success. They look like the original and they fit. The leak is gone. With 5 in the package, my waterpik should have a long life.


Kevin Hedrick




I finally solved the issue of leaking rubber gasket at the bottom of my Watrepik. I used to have to order a new reservoir. Seems like such a waste if you could just change the gasket at the bottom of the reservoir. Afterall, it's just a tiny piece of rubber and shouldn't cost much. Even a year ago, these replacement gaskets were not available as I had checked with Waterpik. Not anymore. These gaskets work great and are easy to install. I have to fiddle with it a bit to get it into the hole by centering it while pushing down.