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Liberex Upgrade Women's Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

Liberex Upgrade Women's Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Item NO.: SC-FA027

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Liberex Upgrade Women's Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Liberex Women's Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum
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  • 6-IN-1 Device For Pore Cleaner - Liberex harnesses 4 poweful technologies to extract your blackhead powerfully and maximum reduce the appearance of bruises.
  • Hot & Cold Compress - This pore vacuum blackhead remover could adjust 10 different temperatures.
  • Ion Treatment & Vibration Massage - Positive ions can help deep cleanse the skin and pores of hidden dirt and debris.
  • 5 Replaceable Suction Probes- Meet the needs of kinds of skin problems
  • 5 Intensity Levels - Adjustable intensity levels meets all skin needs, for all kinds of blackhead extractor.
Product Name Liberex Upgrade Women's Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum
Item NO. SC-FA027
Weight 0.27 kg = 0.5952 lb = 9.5240 oz
Category Skin Care
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2020-11-18

pore remover

  • Hot & Cold Compress
  • --This pore vacuum blackhead remover could adjust 10 different temperatures. Ice compress could help reduce redness, swelling, and pain after extract blackheads. (62/68/73/78/84゚F) 
  • --Hot compress could open your pores. Warmth and moisture help loosen the contents inside the pores and draw blackhead to the surface. (98/102/105/109/113゚F)

5 Suction Heads

pore extractor

  • 5 Replaceable Suction Probes 
  • --Small suction head : for tiny breakouts, acne, blackheads that other suction heads hard to pull out 
  • --Microcrystalline suction head : performed to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and shallow acne scars. 
  • --Medium suction head : use in anywhere of your face expect around eyes. 
  • --Oval suction head: use in cheek, around mouth ,chin, nasal alar and other parts of your face.
  • --Big suction head for sucking stubborn blackheads.

Multi-functional Pore Extractor

pore sucker

black head removal

5 Intensity Levels - Adjustable intensity levels meets all skin needs, for all kinds of blackhead extractor. 

--Level 1-2 is for sensitive and thinner skin, suck the dead skin and acne on the surface;

--Level 3-4 : suitable for all skin types, extract the deep grease and blemish in the skin;

--Level 5 : acceptable for oily skin, clean stubborn blackhead deep in the skin.

pore cleanser



Waoh Waoh Waoh . This product met more than my expectation. My face feel soft and smooth.The difference in my face was obvious. Is easy to use if you take time to read the instructions . I soak my face towel in hot water to clean my face it makes it work well for me. I recommend this product for anyone struggling with blackheads.



I had never used a gadget like this before so was a bit hesitant at first, especially because i would be using in my face.  However, I read the instructions to ensure I got the right settings to avoid any bruising as mentioned in some of the reviews.My first instinct was I felt it was a bit complicated with the different settings and the adjustable temperatures etc but once I got the hang of it it was definitely worth the money and done the job, the LCD screen was very useful and certainly made it easier.I generally have dry skin but after using I felt overall my skin was a lot smoother and cleaner.The suction power is very good and explained clearly what suction cup should be used for what area.Overall I recommend this product



Works perfectly as described znd as I expected. Highly recommend it



Works perfectly as described and as I expected. Highly recommend it



Very good


Al**** R

I have tried everything against blackhead including tapes, exfoliators, pore stripes, lotions...you name it! I have just realised how much money and time i have wasted!! Since i have got this magic blackhead remover i am not scared of them anymore. Powerful, comfortable and simple to use, portable and easy to clean i found it extremely efficient straight after the first use! Heat and cold therapy is amazing! Must try!! It comes with LCD screen, 5 different suction levels, 5 different size replacement heads and 10 Temperatures!! I wish i have bought this earlier!!



I've only used the product once so I can't speak to its lasting or the long-term benefits. But as a first impression, the product seems well built and left my skin feeling very soft. I did not notice a big difference in the texture or blackhead but I am expecting to see benefits with continued use. The suction is very strong so I started off as gentle as possible. The instructions were poorly translated but you can work around that.



I've only used the product twice so I can't speak to its lasting or the long-term benefits. But as a first impression, the product seems well built and left my skin feeling very soft. I did not notice a big difference in the texture or blackheads but I am expecting to see benefits with continued use. The suction is very strong so I started off as gentle as possible. The instructions were poorly translated but you can work around that.



This blackhead remover is well worth the price. Works great, very powerful. Extremely easy to use, and all attachments are very useful.



This is an amazing product and does not require much introduction. I have used this a handful of times now. Using this to clear blackheads has never been easier. With this product you have a few different modes of function i.e. when you are using it, it open up your paws and vacuums them away and then the cold mode to close the paws. I am glad to have been able to review this. I can honestly recommend this and even price wise it is brilliant.



This is a well packaged product.  That is well designed,  easy to use and no stress in operating it all.It can easily be carried about as itnis very handy and allows a good grip without any stress.This is a 6 in 1 Blackhead Remover,  it has heat and cold  method and designed with LCD Screen and upto 5nsuctiom levels.Package with , 5 Replacement Heads and 10 Temperatures and it is Wireless Rechargeable .This lovely product and I do recommend it.



So I bought this actually to use on my teenager who gets oily skin, blackheads that are hard to remove even with creams,washes. He didn't was a little reluctant to use this but after lots of encouragement he agreed. It removed most of the ones on his chin. Some of the blackheads were deep but this little tool removed them. It can mark your face if you don't keep moving it around. The heads were a little difficult to clean but I used a hot soapy water with a cotton bud. I have used this on myself which I found rather satisfying. I too have oily skin. I don't use the heat or cold setting. I pop a warm flannel on tonooen pores and a cold one to close. Overall I thought this was great. Especially for the nose area ans small creases. To be honest once I start I get a little addicted but I guess I'm one of those women that like popping spots lol.



I've used this Liberex device twice so far. Absolutely LOVE it! It doesn't just vacuum - it comes very close to a full facial experience! I personally wanted a deep cleanse for my skin, so I combined the Liberex with the use of a face steamer, mud mask, and a hydration mask. At the end, my skin felt rested, clean, calm, and so so radiant! The defining factor (compared to other blackhead vacuums out there) is the feature of the hot and cold compress function ( with the functions of positive and negative ions ) which prepares the pores at the start, and helps in feeding the nourishment to the skin after cleansing the pores. I was slightly surprised when the manual stated that the device is to be used twice a month only, which I think is probably sufficient. There are two minor negatives - Because of the gripping design, it's easy for my fingers to change the mode unintentionally during use. Secondly it's difficult to clean out the trapped dirt in the thin corners of the microcrystalline head interior ( not even a toothpick could reach it). But overall, this device is great value for money, does the job well, and I do highly recommend it !



This gadget works surprisingly well without apparent damage to my skin. The heat setting opens pores, suction removes the gunk and the cold setting closes everything up nicely. I was a bit concerned that I might end up with little bruises at each extraction site, but that hasn’t happened. It would seem a much more sensible approach to squeezing, which can cause a lot of skin damage and can force the infection further into the skin. I think you need to exercise a little common sense when using this but it does the job. Happy to recommend this product.



I’m honestly a bit disappointed with this pore vacuum. It does seem to suck out some skin dirt but the effects on my skin aren’t what I had hoped for. It doesn’t get out all blackheads and it took me half an hour to get out a relatively small amount of dirt. I feel like I’d have gotten the same results from a quick scrub. I suppose it’s still better and cleaner than squeezing your skin and damaging it.Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, however, the product loses another star because the vibration mode is somewhat faulty. It randomly stops working and after a good shake it works again. It’s pretty annoying because it stops pretty often.Apart from that, it looks pretty nice and comes with a bunch of settings and suction heads. It’s nicely packaged as well so would make a nice gift.



So the description states this is a:-Blackhead remover vacuum, 6 in 1 heat & cold therapy pore vacuum extractor with LCD screen, 5 suction levels, 5 replacement heads and 10 temperatures, wireless rechargeable.I had to read up and look into this because I've only ever had a normal blackhead Remover vac before I never knew they did hot and cold ones. I saves time steaming or applying a hot compress to my face befor hand now this does it for me.The warm compress(39-45℃) can heat softens up the contents and dilates the pore opening, makes it easier to extract the blackhead. The ice compress(29-17℃) can help you help you contraction the pore to prevent dirt re-invasion and reduce swelling, discomfort, and redness.5 Replaceable Heads for differnt parts of your skin & 5 flexible suction levels:-*Level 1-2 (30 -40 KPA) is suitable for sensitive, thin skin and normal skin. *Level 3 to 4 (50-60 KPA) suitable for dry and mixed skin.*Level 5 (70 KPA) suitable for oily skin.It also say that it's FAST wireless USB charging 2 hours which will last 45 days. I've been useing this regularly and still not had to recharge. But I'm guessing it depends on how long you use it each time to how many days it will really last.



Excellent, my nose is particularly prone to blackheads and after just one use as per the recommended steps, my blackheads have almost gone. Good suction, try not to leave on one spot for too long or it could leave red marks or bruises.



What is it?Liberex's blackhead remover is a wireless and rechargable blackhead vacuumwith hot and cold functions to help with opening and closing pores. It comes with 5 heads each with a different purpose and skin types and also a wireless charging base and a micro USB cable.How is it?Initially I thought there may be too many different functions but as I read the manual it made more sense. The device is light so it's easy to use in your hand and for prolonged use but the charging base and cable feels flimsy. The angle of the charging base doen't match with the 90 degree of the micro USB port so as a result it looks like it's not fully connected - but it is.The hot/cold plate on the back of the device helps with opening up pores prior to blackhead extraction and also with closing up when you're done. It works on my sensitive skin, I find with the 5 vacuum settings, the second one is enough for extraction to take place.Conclusion/Verdict?This is a useful product and worth incorporating in to your skin care routine, the LCD screen is informative so it's easy to find the right setting. Being wireless to use and charge it makes the freedom of using it much better and for the price, it's great value for money.



Seem good =]



I have had a similar looking blackhead vacuum in the past that I thought did a reasonable job for an inexpensive item.This is a huge improvement in every way on the old one. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow them.Once you have read through the instructions and fully charged it before the first use you will find it is small, light and very easy to hold and use.The back of this one heats the affected area to soften the skin before turning it round to suck the gunk out (Be careful to make sure you are using the right size attachment, rtfm, err obviously!) and once removed turn it over and the back on the same device can be used to cool and close the exit site to help stop the problem reoccurring! Awesome!It is rechargeable via a USB lead (UK plug not supplied) any old mobile phone plug is fine but if you cant find one your PC or a power bank will do.Once you have read the manual it is easy enough to use, dont max it at your first trial, start at the lower levels and build up to the level that best works for you.I like the cordless functionality of this item and the fact it is so precise with its digital display which gives you the confidence to use all of its functionality, with careful use this is a truly excellent item.At under £20 (at time of review) this is a useful, useable, great value piece of kit.