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Liberex Professional Water Flosser Oral Irrigator 600ml

Liberex Professional Water Flosser Oral Irrigator 600ml Item NO: OC-TB005

US$ 34.97
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Liberex Professional Water Flosser Oral Irrigator 600ml 7 Jet Nozzles Water Jet for Water Flosser Oral Irrigator 600ml for Teeth/Braces, Family Travel Use, FDA Approved 5-Pack Replacement Part Reservoir Valve Rubber Gasket for Water Flossers, Washer Reservoir Plug
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  • 【600ML QUIET ORAL IRRIGATOR】Liberex water flosser supports 90 seconds of uninterrupted dental flossing, do not need to add water during flossing,perfect. Designed with Noise Reduction, below 75 decibels give you a better sense of use.
  • 【10 ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE】 With an easy-to-turn knob, this flosser has strong water pressure, which can be adjusted between 25-120 PSI based on your unique teeth and gum sensitivity. With 3-minute intelligent timer, the electric water flosser will stop automatically after 3 minuts to avoid overusing and overheating.
  • 【SPACE-SAVING】Conveniently store Liberex tips in the cover slots of the units.It's a good choice of oral hygiene and tooth care for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, or periodontal pockets.
  • 【MULTIPLE FLOSSER TIPS】 Comes with 7 interchangeable tips, It includes 3 classic Jet tips, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 dental plaque tip, 1 periodontal tip, 1 tongue cleaner.
Product Name Liberex Professional Water Flosser Oral Irrigator 600ml
Item NO OC-TB005
Weight 0.9072 kg = 2.0000 lb = 32.0005 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag Cordless Water Flosser , water flosser cordless , water flosser , water flosser portable , family water flosser
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2018-12-05

Liberex Family Dental Water Flosser / Oral Irrigator / Water Pick Bring You Healthier Teeth

Orthodontic Tip

For the person with the false tooth, wearing orthotics, dental braces, teeth socket. It removes hard-to-reach plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires.

It uses a high pressure water jet to clean in areas that a toothbrush cannot reach. Promotes better oral hygiene in kids who love to use it. Also helps promote healthy blood flow to improve gum health.


Liberex provides 18 months warranty terms, any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.


Compared with other flosser, Liberex provides a Toothbrush Tip to combine the benefits of brushing with water flossing.


Reliable & Excellent

Hairby water flosser equips with 7 different jet tips and 1 hydraulic rotating toothbrush, and it meets different needs for the mouth health care.

-Medical and user-friendly material provides scatheless protection of oral cavity.
-Multiple interchangeable nozzles to clean your teeth more effectively.
-10 levels of adjustable water pressure fit parent and children to use. Hands-free for teeth care.
-Easy and safe operation prevent your teeth decay and inflammation.
-Universal voltage AC 110-240V, compatible with 50/60 Hz
-Portable size and light weight, better chioce for the cross-border tourism


Main Features:


600ML high-volume water capacity provides up to 90 seconds of continuous dental flossing, achieve a better oral hygiene in only one week of using our dental water flosser. Quiet design 3 minute intelligent timing for easy cleaning sessions.


A convenient pause switch on the handle for temporary flow stop or power off at any time. 360 degree rotating design allow you to do the full clean your mouth in all direction.


Has 10 variable water pressure selections. Easily find the most comfortable and effective pressure setting for each family member just by turning the integrated adjustment knob.1-3 Setting(30-60psi): Effective for kids and those with sensitive teeth 4-7 Setting(60-80 psi): Medium settings are best for most people 7-10 Setting(80-110psi): High pressure, intensive settings for adults and experienced users

Universal Voltage

Input voltage is 100-240V, for general worldwide use. Adapter plug may be necessary depending on the country.



The unit works great, and is easy to clean up. The only negative attribute is that it is a little noisy. I used the device multiple times a day, and I love how clean my mouth feels.


Joel D

I think a water flosser is a worthy addition to daily oral hygene and I have owned several. The Librex now sits on my bathroom counter, consuming less space than my previous flosser did. Its controls are easy and intuitive, water resrvoir is a good size, attachments are plentiful, water pressure is excellent (and adjustable) and the unit is easy to keep clean. When you consider competitive pricing, it's hard to beat this option.


Derek Morris

Works very well! The adjustable knob has a lot of settings and even on the lower settings can I feel it flossing my teeth and shooting high pressure water between my teeth. Great product and the price was unbeatable after seeing how much a WaterPik costs in the stores! This is basically the same product with a lower price!

TIP TO BUYERS!!! - Hold your mouth shut while flossing with this. Put flosser end in mouth, hit a few teeth or one section at a time, then, when your mouth gets full of water, use the switch on the flosser handle to turn the flosser off and spit the excess water out, then put it back in your mouth, turn it on, and move to another spot that you haven't gotten yet. I realized after a time or two that this was the best way to use this item without making a wet mess everywhere. Works great!



Worked perfect for my daughter with new braces


John E. Aleman

Easy setup and easy to use, has numerous tips for different purposes not just one sprayer. Compact and attractive



Does the job same as the other brand this replaced. Been using this one for about 2 weeks. My family likes it. It has the same water flosser attachments. The other one broke cause the push button to hold down to keep the water on got stuck on. This one has a switch instead. I like the black color and the suction cup feet on the bottom to keep it in one place.



LOVE THIS!!! works perfectly for at home purpose.



Only flossed I have owned so can’t compare to others but I love it. Has great power. Teeth feel cleaner and the dentist noticed a difference! Recommend!


Rebecca Lee

I researched and read reviews on a good number of water flosser and decided on this one because of good reviews, decent price and appearance. I have not been disappointed. It works very well and has not given me any trouble at all.


Jasmin Lareese

Just got it and used it as soon as it came. Its awesome! Small but mighty! I suggest this over a waterpik anyday!


jimmy pal.

Forget old fashioned water pics, with 1 pressure and one type of tip. This is sleek, compact and perfect for me. It comes with several types of attachments, and has multi speeds. I use it 4x a week and love it



I love this product. My overall oral health has greatly improved. I wish I would have done this sooner. I love the black too.


Ahmad, Mohamad

I was very hesitating between it n the $80 one from Coscto, really was a very good I choose this one, very good quality.



Love it


Donald J. Stadler

works great



I liked how it was easy to use, no signs of leakage.


louis fraioli

After a recommendation from my dentist I ordered this water pik! Have been using it for about a week and am so pleased with it. My gums are already feeling so much better! I’m so thankful to have found a product that can help me in improving my oral health and get my smile back in order!


ron j

Great deal


melissa galpin

Just bought it and I love it



Great value for the price..seems alittle cheaply made but works good so far..The attachments make this a buy!