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Liberex Professional Cordless Electric Fade Hair Trimmers Set PC200

Liberex Professional Cordless Electric Fade Hair Trimmers Set PC200 Item NO: HG-ME005

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  • CLOSE CUT - Trim around the face, ears, and neckline with ease with the t-shaped blade. the self-sharpening blades and fine-cutting teeth allow for extremely close cutting, eliminating pulling and snagging.
  • MULTIPLE CUTTING LENGTHS - It comes with 3 attachments combs (2mm/0.08'', 3mm/0.12'', 4mm/0.16''), you can also use it without the comb for a close 0.1mm(0.0039'') trim. letting you trim hair to the length you want.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - The Hair Clipper provides 90 minutes of cordless Lithium-ion power after just 1 hour of charging, the LED display easy for you to read the power left Status and add oil timely.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - This clipper offers a powerful and low noise motor, the compact and lightweight design makes this family clipper easy to move smoothly over the head, provide the ultimate haircut experience.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident. If for any reason within 60 days you feel that Hair Clippers is not right for you, just let us know
Product Name Liberex Professional Cordless Electric Fade Hair Trimmers Set PC200
Item NO HG-ME005
Weight 0.369 kg = 0.8135 lb = 13.0161 oz
Category Hair Grooming > Men
Tag hair clippers , hair clippers for men , professional hair clippers , men hair clippers , pro hair clippers
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-04-23


Self-Sharpening Blades

--The steel blades sharpen themselves as they work, ensure long lasting performance and accurate cutting, time after time.

--R Shaped Edge Design to prevent skin from hurt.

Status Indicator

--The LED display shows battery power in percent.

--Yellow Oiling Indicator: For best results, place a few drops of oil on the teeth of the blades.

--Red Charging Indicator: The Circle of indicator flash 5 times, it indicates the battery power is too low, and you need to recharge.

Long-lasting Power

--The rechargeable Li-ion battery delivers 90 minutes of constant performance after 1 hour.

--Universal Voltage: 100-240V,supply for travel anywhere in the world.

Cleaning and Care

--Since the two metal blades rub against each other during operation, oiling them will also reduce friction thereby delivering better cutting performance. 

the yellow oil indicator light up show the clipper need to be oiled.

--Start by turning off the clipper, use brush included to clean out excess hair on the clipper and between blades (don’t clean with running water)

--Dispense 2-3 drops of oil across the top blade, After oiling, turn on and let run for 5-10 seconds to disperse the oil. Wipe the excess oil so it does not run into the motor.



Highly recommend


Miguel Abiega

Product is sharp and precise. I’m going to school for cosmetology. And it has become an extension of my Ability to trim hair.



These are nice clippers if you are of the Caucasian complexion but they are not for (AA) African Americans. The blades will not adjust to the necessary level to cut (AA) hair. I am a barber of twenty years and these will not cut AA hair close enough. I have been trying to modify the blade with a modifier but have not achieved a satisfactory level of adjustment yet. On the other hand the power is great on this product. Just be warned if it's usefulness.


Addicted To Amazon

I really liked this compact trimmer. My husband usually pays $25+ every couple of weeks for someone to give him a zero all around his head. This is silly and I knew I could do the same. So I talked him into letting me try. I settled on this unit because, as a novice, I didn't want to invest a whole lot of money into something I may only use once. But this was the perfect one. It's compact, lightweight, and easy to hold. I didn't want something bulky. It comes with three guards that were easy to put on and take off (I used a number 1 between his beard and sideburns). It also has a cleaning brush and extra lubricant. As well as the power supply cord. But I didn't need to charge it. It came fully charged. There's a display on the trimmer that tells you the batter percentage. It was 100% when I plugged it in. Very pleased as that meant I didn't need to wait to charge it. It took me a little bit to finish cutting his hair as it was the first time I ever cut anyone's hair and by the time I finished, it still had 86% battery left. I definitely reccommend this for anyone who is looking for a compact trimmer.


Zo Bell

 I am a college student at Central Georgia Technical College in Warner Robins, Georgia. I must admit that as a barber we go through a number of hair trimmers throughout a year span and the quality of this trimmer for such a reasonable price is AMAZING!!!!!! If you are a BARBER and don’t at least have one pair of these you are truly missing out on a great asset for your toolbox!!!!! I did a few modifications but the trimmer came sharp out of the box!!! Very quiet but POWERFUL rotary motor. Easy to grip and very solid compact feeling. This trimmer is overall an easy A+. Battery life is very good. You can also cut and charge clipper at same time. It’s a shame that smaller companies like Liberex with such a great product really get overlooked by the more popular companies due to marketing perks!!! Is there a contact number to reach anyone corporately that works for this company??? I really would like more info about the products Liberex manufactures. I’ll definitely be buying about 10-15 more pair SOON!!!! People HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS TRIMMER!!!!!! Liberex you are a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!!! Glad I found this great trimmer for a affordable price!!! Hope to hear some feedback!! Would be greatly appreciated!!!


Amazon Customer

I work at Great Clips and do on Average 20 haircuts a day with 90% of those clipper cuts and I have loved these trimmers! Better than the high dollar ones I have bought. The battery runs low kinda quick but overall great purchase



Three full head shaves already and battery is still at 83%. Great product for the price.

PS Blade is smaller than I thought it would be, but does not bother me.


William Flores




I bought this back in August and it has done an awesome job. It cuts hair close to the scalp and the digital battery life indicator is great so it doesn’t die half way through cutting and you look like a doofus while waiting for it to recharge.



The one my mom always uses to trim, shave, etc. my brother's hair getting old now so I bought this for her. It worked very well. It's very precise on lining and edging and makes really clean cuts. This one is an upgrade from our old one because its rechargeable and our last one needed a cord. The percent display is helpful because it tells you when you need to charge it. It works very well even though it's not that expensive.



Its okay but just get a cord one they are so much better


Wendy chev

I love that it is wireless, it shows the battery level, and it is compact with power. Would highly reccomend


Paul C

I took a risk with this one as I lost my plug in Wahl Hero that I had for 3 years.
It isn't as sharp as the Wahl Hero I had but it can line decently well if you go over the lines a few times.
I find it actually works pretty well as a shaver as it can bring your facial hair back down to a light one-day shadow without the irritation of blade shaving.


Gerald S.

Was pre-charged at 99% out of the box which is awesome because you never get that. It cuts really well. It trimmed my beard nicely. Only thing is it dropped down to an 88% on one beard trimming, which was less than 5 mins. Great product at a great price. 5 stars!



I needed a shaver to help maintain my side shave (my hairdresser is four hours away). I wanted something small and wireless since I was going to be using it myself. This is a nice little shaver. It charges relatively fast and it's display makes it easy to see when you need to plug it back in. The guides are shorter ones (there's only 3) but I find I don't use them as much, seeing as I shave my hair down as close as I can. The smaller head on it also makes it so much easier to get around my ear and doing edging so I don't cut my longer hair.



I like it



I cut my own hair since I'm half bald and this razor has cut three times and it still has over 75% charge left. Lightweight, quiet and easy to handle.






Pretty good Trimmer, it delivers and gets the work done. The downside for me that it doesn't cuts as close as they say


Steven Bopp

Like most people (I think) I post reviews when I really like or dislike a product. So, these clippers are the bomb! I’ve used Wahl in the past, but the last one lasted only a few years, and the attachments weren’t really stable, or integral on the unit. These Liberex are small, quiet, and the attachments are solid and secure. I’ve cut my hair 5 times and the battery is still above 50%. Nice battery display on the face of the unit, btw! In summation, Wahl is no comparison to these clippers, I’m very pleased to have found these... highly recommended!