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Liberex FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser-Black

Liberex FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser-Black Item NO.: OC-TB026

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  • 4 Cleaning Modes + DIY 10 Modes -- Apart from the orignal 4 cleaning modes (Soft, Midium, Strong and Pulse) to meet various oral care needs.
  • The OLED screen clearly displays current working mode and remaining power.
  • 300ML Detachable Water Tank -- Separate full opening detachable water tank helps clean thoroughly the scale inside to keep the flosser clean, significantly extending life span. 5 * 360° rotating long nozzle, helps clean up the blind spots, remove debris. Perfect for anyone with braces or implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  • Grainy backshell enhanced friction, make the flosser easy and comfortable to hold rather than slip off.IPX7 waterproof design allows the dental flosser to be used safely for shower in the bathroom.
  • Comes with a carry bag and USB charging cable (without charger), it can be recharged via any USB device: wall charger, phone charger, power bank. 2-minute auto timer to avoid the water dental flosser still working after you finish cleaning.
Product Name Liberex FC2660S DIY & OLED Cordless Water Flosser-Black
Item NO. OC-TB026
Weight 0.35 kg = 0.7716 lb = 12.3459 oz
Category Oral Care
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2020-06-03

oral irrigator
water flosser 300ml
waterflosser 10 Oz
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Water Flosser FC2660S - DIY Water Flosser FC2660 - White Water Flosser FC2660 - Black Toothbrush Waterpic Combo Oral Irrigator for Kids -Green Oral Irrigator for Kids - Pink
Mode Soft, Medium, Strong, Pulse, DIY Soft, Medium, Strong, Pulse Soft, Medium, Strong, Pulse Soft, Strong, Pulse Customize by Knob Customize by Knob
Running Speed 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM
Working Time 14-21 Days 14-21 Days 14-21 Days 14-21 Days Cord Powered Cord Powered
IP X7 Waterproof
with Carry Bag × × ×
Voltage 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V
Capacity 10.14 Oz 10.14 Oz 10.14 Oz 6.76 Oz 20.29 Oz 20.29 Oz
Jet Tips 5 5 5 8 8 8



This is overall a great addition to my oral care. I got braces and have difficulty flossing. It is powerful and the charge lasts about 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately it does not replace flossing, so I still get plaque buildup around my braces on my bottom teeth. This is the reason I bought one. So I would say it does not do a deep cleaning.



It definitely keeps my teeth clean. I like that. Here’s my biggest gripe:When you fill up the tank and screw it back together, the nozzle shoots water everywhere even when it’s off.



Product is good. but broke one of the tips. Tried to order from the company-no response. Tried to cancel order-no response.



A little noisy but the item works great!



Cómodo para usar y muy funcional



Hands down the best water flosser I have used. I love the fact that it has multiple settings soft, medium, DIY, and strong. One charge lasts a long time. I have had this for a couple of months and have only had to charge it twice. Great product.



First time user.Easier than other reviews I've read.If used as directed, not messy.



This flosser works very well, is easy to fill, and looks sleek. I have only had it for a few days so cannot assess battery life. Using the small flip down plug to fill and empty is the easiest method. Good purchase.



Strong water stream removes food particles from teeth.



This was a noticeable improvement over the previous model in a number of ways.Improvements:*The water pulse seems smoother*The reservoir is emptied at the end of water flossing more completely*The rubber stopper for the plug stays in*It is easier to manually open up the door to the water chamber also.*The new programmable mode is a nice improvement but I am fine with the default programsStill Needs to be improved over the last model:*Provide some type of an indication when it needs to be recharged instead of just dying on you while using it.Another issue that I had with the previous model that truly concerned me was that I received it in May of 2020 and after using it daily and just placing it under the sink after usage and never traveling with it the flosser died a sudden and ignominious death just last week at the end of September 2020. The motor just died on me all of a sudden and I did try recharging it for hours but it had made it's sweet transition to the other side. Worth mentioning because I have had a wide variety of water flossers and generally they all have died early deaths after daily use.



This is a very handy portable oral flosser which is chargeable via USB. Just remember to close your mouth when you put it in as it will make a mess, but you can really feel the water pressure cleaning your teeth. There are various choices for the strength or intensity of the cleaning. You can adjust according to your tolerance, or how much work you want to have it do. The water receptacle will hold more than enough for one session. Multiple picks are provided so each member of the family can have one that's easily identifiable.



This is an awesome water flosser! It was easy to setup and use. I like the fact that there is a DIY setting that allowed me to easy in to using the flosser. I have had some gum issues and had to start with the lowest setting and work my way up. I felt a huge difference after the first use! I would definitely recommend this flosser!



I have no dislikes of this product. It cleans quickly and I already can see how my gums are looking better. I worked up to a medium pressure and soon believe I will be at the strong. I found that flossing after doesn't do much. This is new to me and I am amazed at how well it cleans and I feel that it is helping my gums and teeth. Would recommendthis product with a 5 star rating!



I liked everything about this water flosserso far and hasn’t disappointed.



Love using this water flosser to make sure my teeth are 100% clean. The ability to adjust the pressure is great for people who have sensitive teeth. Would highly recommend!



But really, i love how this feels. There is a technique to using which i'm still working on getting down but i feel squeeky clean after using. Many different heads for customized use!



The hand feels better and the brush feels better! The toothbrush is so easy to use, rinse your mouth after eating. Take care of dental health



This water flosser has a simple design for convenient usage, with an on/off button, a water flow switch, and a power indicator light on the main panel. The handle has an anti-slip design to ensure a comfortable operation. The detachable water container can hold water sufficient for one usage. Water pressure can be adjusted by the switch and is quite strong at the normal mode, enough to remove debris among my teeth without causing any painful sensation.Would recommend.



I don’t like using the normal flossers. This one makes a lot easier I just keep it next to my toothbrush and usually swap between the different settings, works great!


Sp**** R

This product worked great for me. I love the size of it, it is very easy to pack and quicker/cleaner to use than regular floss. If you're trying to get into the habit of flossing more often, this is a great way to ease you into it. It is user friendly, you should have no trouble at all getting it to work. Very good product, I would recommend it!