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Liberex Electric Callus Remover for Feet

Liberex Electric Callus Remover for Feet Item NO.: LS-005

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Replacement Roller Heads for Liberex Electric Callus Remover Liberex Electric Callus Remover for Feet
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  • 4 REPLACEMENT ROLLER HEADS -- Professional foot callus remover contains 2 fine roller head and 2 coarse roller head. coarse roller head can remover stubborn horny dead skin, fine roller head use for daily care.
  • 2 SPEEDS MODE CONTROLLED -- Electric callus remover includes 1700x/min low speed for soft care and 2000x/min high speed for deep clean.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO USE -- All of the 4 roller heads are made of quartz micro mineral crystals designed for long-term use. The flashlight lights up at the same time as turning on.
  • USB FAST CHARGING -- Electric callus remover is cordless and built-in 1200 mAh lithium large battery capacity for long time working. simply recharge the foot file with the provided usb charging cable for 3 ~ 4 hours to get full charge, can powerfully run continuously for about 120 minutes. With 5 levels battery display.
  • IPX6 WATER RESISTANT AND EASY TO CLEAN -- It is suitable for wet and dry use, Grinding head can be rinsed under running water. You can washing it and keep clean after using.
Product Name Liberex Electric Callus Remover for Feet
Item NO. LS-005
Weight 0.24 kg = 0.5291 lb = 8.4658 oz
Category Lifestyle
Tag electric callus remover , callus remover for feet electric , electric foot callus remover , callus remover
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2020-08-24



Are you troubled by stubborn horny dead skin, rough skin problems,feel not confident when wearing foot-shoes,When wearing stock, do you worry that rough skin will make it hook?

Liberex Electric Foot Callus Remover Can Help You Remover Stubborn Dead Skin And Rough Horny Skin, Make Your Feet Skin Restore Delicate And Smooth, Healthy And Attractive.

Ergonomic Grip Handle and Compact Desingn, Get Smooth Feet Whenever And Wherever.

Be Confident In Sandals Or Flip Flops, Show Off Your Soft And Smooth Feet!



Nice product. Sleek looking. Easy to use. Works great. Great buy.



I really like this thing. I am a heavy guy, and I grew up wearing badly fitted shoes, then joined the Army in my college years. Consequently, my feet are messed up- gout, a big toe joint out of place and permanently swollen, toe/nail crammed together from years of bad fitting. Because im heavy and because I wear thicker socks to help shoes fit, along with orthotics, my feet develop calluses in weird places, and then calluses on top of those. I sit a lot at my job so part of my weight rests on the balls of my feet, also. Even with the best treatment, lotioning, athletes foot spray to be safe, etc, they are still a mess.Enter this. I have used shavers, pumice stones, foot raspers, facial buffers, etc, for years (im in my 40s, male) but they are all awkward to use, too weak power-wise, or a sanitary issue due to the potential of transferring athletes foot or bacteria right back to my feet- even though I spray everything down with foot spray. Believe me, it sucks. At least with this, I can smooth the areas I need to much more quickly and with easier maneuverability, so that when I put lotion on it actually gets to where it needs to go. Same with anti-fungal spray. I'm making headway against my cracked calluses and athlete's foot for the first time in years. And believe me, a cracked callus in winter that goes down to the skin is no joke- its painful as hell and takes days to heal, plus its an infection risk. I should stress- I am not diabetic, either- this is all just normal foot problem stuff. If you have diabetes, nerve damage, etc, and have trouble FEELING your feet, you want to be really careful with this device- it is easy to take off more than you wanted without realizing it. The upside is that, unlike a rasp or a foot/callus shaver, its a lot less damaging and dangerous to do so and if you press too hard it turns off automatically.It came to me 3/4 charged, but uses a proprietary two-pin charging cable- USB on one side, and two barrels on the other. Don't lose it. It also comes with 3 other roller heads- 2 are less aggressive than the one attached. The one attached is pretty coarse. I think the third roller is a duplicate of the one attached, so you get two of each. This should last for a really long time. There is also a wispy cleaning brush, about the size of what comes with an electric razor. Juries out on that, I may just use an extra brush from one of my razors to clean it and brush it off after each use. The bristles are a little stiffer on my razor brushes than what comes with this device. Youll want to brush the head all the way around to get the skin flakes out, for sanitary reasons.There are 2 speeds. Press once, low speed, press twice, hi speed. I did notice that I bumped the power button while handling the device to plug in the charging cable- its a tight fit, so watch that. The LED in the head is really helpful, too.Some points to remember-1. put down a cloth or small tray or something- this little guy produces an amazing amount of dust. You don't want to be stepping in it or sweeping it up back into the air- it IS, after all, dead skin, so, there is a potential for bacteria, fungal transfer, etc (if you have problems with that)2. I spray everything down when im done with antifungal spray and/or alcohol. Feet, roller, etc. Probably a good idea3. Potentially- Mask. I work on guitars, and I wear a mask when im shaving bone saddles and nuts with a sander because bone dust can carry bacteria. Same thing here- you don't want to potentially breath foot bacteria into your lungs. *Duh- right?4. BONUS- if you change heads to the less aggressive ones, or if you can find another aftermarket one that fits and are careful, you can buff the ends of your nails down without having to clip them. Same with those little calluses that form around ingrown toenails on the edge of your pinky or big toe.5 stars for now, Ill rate again in a month or two for a followup.



A nice product. Just as described and works well. I like that it came with two coarse and two fine rollers so I don't feel like I need to find replacements right away.



I only had it for a short time but so far It works great .



It works great, so much easier than the old way!!!



i loved it. easy to use.



Soaked feet in hot water for 15 minutes, then used it. t works wonderfully. Only after two uses, the heels go back to soft and smooth.



This thing works extremely well.



Excellent happy I bought it, works wonderfully!



Wow! This is leaps and bounds better than any comparable product I've purchased in store. I love that it is rechargeable vs traditional batteries. The most impressive aspect however is the amount of power this little thing puts out! I like to keep my feet looking good all year round....and this definitely does the job. My feet have never been so smooth!



The device feels nice in the hand and works very well, just be careful not to use on damaged skin or to keep it on the same spot for longer than 2-3 seconds. Love the water resistant feature. Would def recommend this item, especially for the price.



This works great! Easy to use and very powerful! Also long battery charge life!



My product arrived today I took it out and charged it which it didn’t need charging really. I immediately used it on my left foot to start with since that one is the worst with hard callused skin and wow...did the trick. Like other have mentioned it’s not a power house but it worked well for me. Maybe 5-10 mins tops maybe less, I didn’t time it but my foot is completely smooth! I can’t wait to do my husbands feet when he gets home!!!!!!



I have 1 tough callus on the ball of my foot and it causes me pain if not removed. This machine was so great at removing it. I was really surprised that it actually is the best thing I have found that works at removing callus. I use it on my entire foot as needed for super soft feet. I prefer for my feet to be dry when I use the Liberex.



These work fantastic I have been looking for a durable callus remover abd finally found one



yes! I do a lot of sports and weighlifting and this is exactly what i needed for my feet and the calluses on my hands too! im ver very pleased !



Ive used a lot of these in the past. I was in the Army, and work on my feet in dress shoes for 10+ hours a day now. My feet were pretty messed up. This paired with a soaking basin helped restore my skin. Highly recommend. Comes with a lot of extra heads. Very powerful.



Works excellent



I like the extra rollers and slick design. Rechargeable, love it!



Haven’t really used it yet but seem to be a good product 🙂. Sheerness💯