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Liberex Curling Iron Tongs 25mm Curl Wand Pro Curler Tools Set for Long Short Hair

Liberex Curling Iron Tongs 25mm Curl Wand Pro Curler Tools Set for Long Short Hair Item NO: HG-WO008

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  • CERAMIC COATED - The barrel has a ceramic and tourmaline coating for fast, even heating, helps reduces static and frizz for healthy-looking hair.
  • SMART HEAT TECHNOLOGY - Delivers high temperatures fast and distributes heat more evenly for salon-style performance. Digital temperature settings from 284 - 428°F (140-220°C)
  • 25mm BARREL - This size barrel is a medium-length barrel and applicable for every hair length. lets you create long-lasting medium to large curls.
  • SAFE OPERATION - The glove supplied allows you to avoid burns, the cool tip to rest fingers during styling to help protect from heat, the 60 mins auto shut-off function will provide you with extra peace of mind.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident. If for any reason within 60 days you feel that item is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your money in full.
Product Name Liberex Curling Iron Tongs 25mm Curl Wand Pro Curler Tools Set for Long Short Hair
Item NO HG-WO008
Weight 0.4300 kg = 0.9480 lb = 15.1678 oz
Category Hair Grooming > Women
Tag Curling Iron , Hair Curling Wand , Hair Curler
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-09-09



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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic irons evenly distribute heat along the barrel as well as emit negative ions in order moisturize and smooth the hair shaft, reduce frizz.

LCD Display

Digital temperature settings from 284 - 428°F (140-220°C). Adjust the temperature using the +/- buttons. 

A series of three indicator bars will flash while the unit heats up, then glow steadily when it has reached the selected temperature.

Setting Hair Type

Fine or easy-to-style 140℃-180℃

Textured 180℃-200℃

Thick or hard-to-style 220℃


Donnie Leppink

Really nice package and when I used it, I love it even more. It heated up very quickly and only took a few passes to straighten my hair. It’s very useful for me especially every morning I needed much time to fix my wavy unruly hair but thanks to this Hair Straightener Brush, I have entangled my hair in just a few minutes. It made my hair straighter and shinier than before. Now I don’t spend much time on drying and styling my hair, I just used this It’s a perfect deal for me!!


August Hilger

It is really easy to use with a simpler controls and functioned as it was advertised.


Arlene Mcdaniel

This hair straightening brush from this brand is one thing that I will use to maintain a great looking hair. It heats up really quickly and straightens my hair in as short as 5 minutes. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I would work it for at least 3 minutes and the results are still fine. My hair is already straight, so when I use this product, my hair has never looked even healthier, softer, and more beautiful. It bounces as I move, too. For those with wavy to curly hair types, you can work on your hair for longer minutes to achieve better results, but I can say that this is all worth it and works much better than other brands.


Luis Mayhugh

It makes my hair look and feel softer than ever. It not only works for adult hair, it is also safe for children’s hair. As a matter of fact, I use it to straighten my five year old daughter’s hair. It makes her feel more comfortable wearing her hair to school because it feels lighter and fresher too. A friend also uses this product and the result is also very refreshing for her.


Leopoldo Hecke

I love how this product works for my hair. I used to have trust issues with products like this because of my bad customer experience with one brand of hair straightener. However, this changed my perspective. I realized this is the best hair straightener that works perfectly well for me. I would recommend using this after washing and drying the hair. I give this 5 stars for efficiency and ease of use.


Eve Evitts

The best solution to everyday hair problem. Five stars!


Cara Springle

I have doubt at first if this brush would work on my hair for it has reviews that says, they got it at a reduced price and that I am quite alarmed of its quality. But when I used yesterday for the first time, it make me love it. The Hair Straightener Brush did a nice job on my hair. It heats up quickly and made my hair softer and shinier. I am really pleased of the result no words could ever described. Simply Amazing yet looks Satisfying!!


Raisa Acheampong

I am having a hard time fixing my wavy long and thick hair. Good thing is I found this Hair Straightener Brush in AsaVea. It was very satisfying although the cord is quite short but it entangles hair quickly and beautifully. I have this saloon-looking Shiny smooth long hair. It saves time for it was easy to use and very safe too!! It was indeed an awesome Hair Straightener Brush and I would highly recommend it!!!


Wilmer Thorndyke

I used this brush on my curly hair and it does very well. No more stubborn curly hair for me now!


Rosalind Gave

As a habitual hair straightener, it was easy to fall in love with this straightener brush!! I was pleased to see the brush, it was so beautiful in its professional look. I have very frizzy and damaged hair from coloring and have always spent an hour plus between blow drying/ flat ironing. When I used this Hair Straightener brush, my hair became smooth and shiny in just 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe it! I was mind-blown for the result! My co-workers have noticed it too. I received a lot of compliments on my hair. Very amazing product and its simple and easy to use!!!


Maile Gulisano

Hair is the crown of glory for the girls. Sometimes, it gives us a wonderful look and sometimes an ugly/messy look. That's why when it terms with my hair, I really buy the best items for it. Through this item, I can always look wonderful, whether I curl or straighten my hair. No time, hassle and so easy to use. I really love this product.


Kam Broermann

As living near the ocean, my hair gets frizzy, dumpy and dry. I always wanted to treat my hair. This Hair Straightener Brush made my hair a lot better now. It was so easy to use, wasn’t heavy and heats up quickly. It leaves a saloon-looking gorgeous hair. No more frizzy, dumpy, dry hair for me!!


Ellan Lecky

It works on my thick dark curly hair. It straighten up my in just a few minutes and the result was really awesome! I was surprised of my softer and shinier straight hair now! The only little thing is it doesn’t cool down easily but it was really perfect on my hair!!


Ervin Bowker

I have my date today, but I don't have enough time to go to the parlor. Thanks to my fairy godmother, the fusion hair styler! I got my perfect bouncy curly hair style for my date today. I just put some make, wear a simple but elegant dress and a stick heel sandal. Now, I look perfect!


Gavin Pippenger

I admit, I have this girly side of me that gives me reason to buy this brush. The design looks attractive and makes me want to use it everyday. Yes, I love the color and how it looks. When it comes to results, I can say it works well. It heats quickly and I can control the temperature that suited to the type of hair I have. I love styling my hair (curly/straight) depends on my mood and this brush is really good. It is easy to use and gives me no burn. Overall, i'm satisfied!


Keneth Rian

I got this excellent quality Straightener Brush. I have a quite long, frizzy, and curly hair. The bristle are so perfect that glides smoothly through my hair. This brush heats up to 450F which is suitable on my thick long hair. It entangled my hair in just 20 minutes unlike when I uses a flat iron it will took me for an hour and more to straighten my hair. Now, I have this beautiful long shinier hair.


Chang Custis

Thanks to this Hair Straightener Brush it does saves my time and I think you will love this too


Kasi Capshaw

This brush is very amazing. I got my hair much straighter than I initially expected. Though it has a quite short cord but functioned so well on my hair. This is great because when I blow dry my hair, the brush heats up quickly and is ready to use without missing any single strand of my hair!!


Talitha Massar

I am so happy The brush was amazing and the bristles are friendly on my hair. It doesn’t hurt me when I’m brushing my frizzy, curly thick hair. It works for me in just 10 minutes. It made my hair straighter, softer and shiner from morning madness until dusk. I always have my straight and sleek hair now!


kathleen rea

Very pleased with this excellent product.
Didn't expect it to b able to straighten
My wavy hair like it does. Definitely deserves 5 stars