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Liberex Cordless Water Flosser 4 Modes Portable Oral Irrigator 5 Jet Nozzles

Liberex Cordless Water Flosser 4 Modes Portable Oral Irrigator 5 Jet Nozzles Item NO: OC-TB019

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  • Powerful Professional Oral Irrigator - Professional Water Pick with 1600 times/minute high-pressure water pulse and 5 different 360°rotating long nozzles which make it rinse off the food residue between teeth and below the gums, where the toothbrush alone can not reach.
  • 4 Cleaning Modes & Memory Function - Liberex teeth flosser has Soft, Midium, Strong and Pulse modes to meet various oral care needs. The memory function helps to remain the working mode in former use.
  • Portable Size for Travelling - The teeth flosser will last up to 14 days' continuous use after full charged in 4 hours. Comes with a carry bag and USB charging cable, it can be recharged via any USB device: wall charger, phone charger, power bank.
  • OLED Display & 2-Minute Timer - The OLED screen clearly displays current working mode, water pressure, running speed, and remaining power. 2-minute auto timer to avoid the water dental flosser still working after you finish cleaning.
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Anti-Slip Handle.
Product Name Liberex Cordless Water Flosser 4 Modes Portable Oral Irrigator 5 Jet Nozzles
Item NO OC-TB019
Weight 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag Cordless Water Flosser , water flosser cordless , liberex cordless water flosser , best cordless water flosser
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-11-24

water flosser
8 5 4 5 j
Settings Soft, Midium, Strong, Pulse Soft, Midium, Strong, Pulse Normal, Soft, Pulse Normal, Soft, Pulse Normal, Soft, Pulse
Running Speed 4000-7000RPM 4000-7000RPM 3000-6000RPM 3000-6000RPM 3000-6000RPM
Working Time 14-21 Days 14-21 Days 14-21 Days 14-21 Days 14-21 Days
Travel Bag
Voltage 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V 100-240V
Capacity 300ml 300ml 300ml 300ml 300ml
Tips 5 5 5 5 5



Look at your teeth, everyone else does. That's what my father used to say to me growing up. He was right, but I hated flossing. Not long ago at the dentist a water floss apparatus was used on me and it was instant love. I knew I had to have one. This unit is small and lightweight but it works well. With 5 different head attachments, you will be able to loosen the toughest particles jammed in down deep. Easy to clean, refill, and use. Different intensity levels to help push out the food. Way easier than flooding and in my opinion it does a way better job. SMILE!



Has 3 settings and gets pretty powerful



I did not expect this water flosser to be this good! I have struggled with food getting suck between my teeth for so long and sometimes floss is too irritating to use and will usually cause my gums to bleed because of the food getting pushed up against my gums. I have been using this flosser for a bit now and its been amazing. The flosser has several modes, from weak to strong. It really nice that they include several different tips, which can be very helpful to use and alternate for different parts of the mouth. The case they provide is high quality and fits everything, very great for someone who is looking to use this outside of home. I’m definitely ordering one for everyone in the family!



Waterpik flosser is actually really well is a very sturdy always a decent amount of water and it caused what about our past and I like that it has a digital display where you can set up love medium-high or post depends on what speed or pressure you at desire I would recommend putting warm water cuz if you have a cold sensitivity or high sensitivity May irritate you a little bit but other than that the battery stays charged well it does have an indicator and it works very well



This is a pretty nice water pic. It comes with a digital readout that tells you the battery level as well as a readout of the power setting. Your options are soft, medium, hard, or a pulse setting. It came with five heads with different colors to identify for different people.

I also love that it is USB so I can charge it from my car.



 I had always had problems from a young age with my dental health. I think it was just hereditary that I have terrible dental health. Ive struggled to find different types of water picks and electric toothbrush to help me and I haven't found one that actually does the job til I found this! It has several modes as seen in the video. And each mode works according to what its for. I also love it that its wirelesss as who wants to be bothered by cords and I can bring it with me to work as well. My sister uses one that has a cord and it is very bulky. This is very portable and SUPER light! I am excited to keep using it and have really clean teeth!



I have got a waterpik water flosser and have been happy with it. The only problem is the size. I don't want to carry it around when I travel. So I was looking for something that is easier to carry around and more affordable and I found this one. It works pretty well and I am happy with it too.



It is easy to use, it can rinse clean the place where the toothbrush can not be brushed between the teeth, the food residue will not stay, and the washing intensity can be adjusted to protect the gums. It is recommended to start using a low-grade position, you can choose a high-end position after getting used to it, the rechargeable dental washer is easy to carry, with it, you can always keep your mouth clean! great!



The water flosser Powerful enough to clean my teeth space and portable when traveling . So far it is good .


Francis Lau

This water flosser looks so fancy compare to other one. I bought this for my auntie so that she can bring it to travel since she retired already. She loves using it and she said her teeth becomes more healthy after using it.



This is awesome for traveling. I always keep one in my bag. Always keep fresh breath. You’d be surprised how much will come out between your teeth after using this and brushing your teeth.


Jason S

As someone with sensitive teeth and gums I find water flosses much less traumatic than standard dental floss and even some hard brushes. The previous model I had finally broke and I have been looking for another and gave this a try. Despite other brands being 3 or 4 times the price, I was surprised at the build quality and attachments provided. There are 6 different heads provided. I’ve tried 3 of them and found them so far to be comfortable, and I prefer the standard straight head. The flosser has 3 power settings and a massage setting. Make sure you put your setting and then press power, otherwise if you press power it instantly starts spraying and you will end up with water all over your bathroom. The power on highest is nice and is too strong for me, so I’ve mostly used on medium. Charging is done by a simple small chord, and I like not having to deal with changing and the wastefulness of replacing batteries. The tank holds up 300 mls, which is a lot, but then again it keeps the size of the machine smaller and easier to handle with smaller hands or kids. Overall I like it enough buy another for my mom.



This is a gift for my aunt. She used it the same day she received it. She used dental floss before. After using this scaler, she discovered that there were so many dirty things in the gap between the teeth that the dental floss could not clean. Teeth scaler is really a great thing! To protect the health of your teeth, this tooth scrubber is highly recommended!


Joseph O. Erickson

I just went to the dentist and he said that the best way to clean between your teeth is with a water flosser. The water is great for shooting out food particles between your teeth. I am so excited for this purchase and can't wait to start using it.


June B Furr

This was exactly what I was looking for to give my son for Christmas. It’s very compact so it would be easy for him to travel with. It’s extremely affordable yet has all of the pieces that it needs to have to maintain his dental health. It’s a gift of health so therefore the perfect Christmas gift. I’m really grateful that gadgets like this are not only compact these days making it feasible for people who travel but also something we all can afford. I definitely purchase this again.



Good product, easy to use and clean, user-friendly with Display Screen



This floss is really effective. It cleans my mouth thoroughly! . It suits my needs. It's small, so I can take it to work and travel. The sellers are great, too, and it's clear they really care about their customers. All the results. So far, I am very satisfied with this product!



I have a big water flosser at home and need a smaller portable one in my company. This is a good choice. Not as expensive as other brand but with good quality.