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Liberex FC2660 Digital Display Cordless Water Flosser White

Liberex FC2660 Digital Display Cordless Water Flosser White Item NO.: OC-TB019

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  • Powerful Professional Oral Irrigator - Professional Water Pick with 1600 times/minute high-pressure water pulse and 5 different 360°rotating long nozzles which make it rinse off the food residue between teeth and below the gums, where the toothbrush alone can not reach.
  • 4 Cleaning Modes & Memory Function - Liberex teeth flosser has Soft, Midium, Strong and Pulse modes to meet various oral care needs. The memory function helps to remain the working mode in former use.
  • Portable Size for Travelling - The teeth flosser will last up to 14 days' continuous use after full charged in 4 hours. Comes with a carry bag and USB charging cable, it can be recharged via any USB device: wall charger, phone charger, power bank.
  • OLED Display & 2-Minute Timer - The OLED screen clearly displays current working mode, water pressure, running speed, and remaining power. 2-minute auto timer to avoid the water dental flosser still working after you finish cleaning.
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Anti-Slip Handle.
Product Name Liberex FC2660 Digital Display Cordless Water Flosser White
Item NO. OC-TB019
Weight 0.45 kg = 0.9921 lb = 15.8733 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag Cordless Water Flosser , water flosser cordless , liberex cordless water flosser , best cordless water flosser
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2019-11-24

water flosser
oral irrigator



My old Waterpik does function pretty well but not looking so good, so I decided to get this one, which is so beautiful to the point that I enjoy flossing with it after brushing teeth. It's lightweight so travel friendly. My old one only has two modes: high and low. But this one has four. I've been only using strong, which lies between high and low and does not cause my gum bleeding. Overall, this is great. I like it!



exactly what I was looking for to take on motorcycle



I bought this flosser to use in the RV when we are traveling. I charge it and I'm able to use it for the weekend and at least 4 days w/o recharging it. It may last longer, but that is the longest trip I have taken so far. This allows me to floss my teeth when I don't have availability to power. It's been great and would recommend it to others.



i have a biger one , but I want buy one more smaller for travel,this one is perfect for travel , i really like it and I like appearance so much😍



So excited to have this for when I travel. The pressure works great. It’s nice to have a lot of options for the attachments, and it comes with a nice travel bag!



Things good for my tooth clean , I did clean a lot off dirt after when I brushed my tooth’s ! I can tell how work is good at , thanks



I hate flossing. I hardly ever do it because of what a pain it is. The dentist has been telling me for the last few visits that if i am not going to floss that i should get a water pick. After ignoring them for a while, I finally decided to buy this and give it a try. I really wanted something that was easy to use and would hold a charge so that i wouldnt need to always have it plugged in. This worked great. It came with 5 different heads for different spots. Loved this as an alternative to flossing every day.



Recommended by my dentist and love it



I have used it for nearly two weeks and found it to work really well. You can adjust different degrees of punching, and you can choose the strength that suits your gums. Mine is more sensitive. Now I choose the soft mode. Now I feel my teeth are much cleaner.



I have a dental implant and a bridge, so I have used a few water flossers in the past. Many of them were awkwardly shaped or corded and I end up making a mess. This one is a comfortable size to grasp, and the tank holds just enough water to clean your whole mouth. One of the best features is that you can check the water pressure level BEFORE you turn it on, so you don't feel shocked that it was set to a different strength by another member of your family! It's so easy to clean between the teeth now, I actually look forward to using this thing!



Initially I was hesitant about purchasing an oral irrigator. My husband has a WaterPik which is somewhat bulky for my limited bathroom counter space. The Liberex oral irrigator had a slim profile and the reviews were decent so I made the purchase. I have been VERY PLEASED with how it works, the slim profile, and the ease of accessing the water reservoir for cleaning. Note - my husband's WaterPik does not have easy access for cleaning the water reservoir. I did have an issue with one of the attachments after 6 months. Customer service was excellent and resolved my issue! Customer service is a deciding factor for me when recommending products or making additional purchases from the company. Excellent product and reasonably priced. Would definitely purchase again.



I have always wanted a water flosser. I came across this one on amazon and thought I should give it a try. I ordered this and the shipping was really fast. The product is easy to use and it works very well. You can bring it with you to travel due to the size of the product. I always hated to floss my teeth using the traditional flosser but now with this water flosser I began to love cleaning my teeth. I recommend this product to everyone whos wanting to get a water flosser.



Very effective at cleaning between teeth. Very easy to use.



This is a great product with useful interchangeable heads and it's very easy to use. My only problem, which I have emailed the company about, is that the attached rubber stopper to cover on the back of the machine will not stay put. It is there to protect the prongs that attach to the recharging cord. For now, I will have to tape it shut, but I'm hoping the company is responsive.



So far so good, we have only tried the soft mode as we are getting used to this, but it compares quite well with our bulkier Waterpik. The integrated water reservoir that can be filled without taking the unit apart is definitely a plus, as are the multiple heads which can be used for braces, crowns and implants.



Looking good



I bought this because my dentist recommended I get a water flosser and boy do I love it. I use mine twice a day and it works wonders for a meat eater like me. It has 5 different nozzles that you can chose from. It also have a memory function that helps you remember which one you used last and which you you like best. Highly recommended!



Very cool. Use it on a soft option and it plays an excellent role .. In addition to a strong battery that does not need to be charged for a month or more



The review is based on a stationed water flosser that I purchased on amazon last year. This portable model has lower water pressure than the stationed one even when fully charged, which is suitable for sensitive teeth as myself. I often found my teeth bleeding while using the stationed water flosser with the lowest setting, but with this product I could use either level 1 or 2 without any discomfort. with level 2 water pressure, I can pretty much clean my entire mouth with one tank of water. It came with a brush but not sure how much of value would it add in terms of cleaning. Overall, this product is not necessarily for people who travel a lot, rather for people with sensitive teeth



A product with good price