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Liberex Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper with 9 Adjustable Trim Settings Battery Operated

Liberex Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper with 9 Adjustable Trim Settings Battery Operated Item NO: HG-ME006

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  • POWERFUL CUTTING SYSTEM - The blade comes precision-honed to a 45-degree angle, designed to effectively cut each hair perfectly, comfortably grooms beards, mustaches, and hair. R Shaped Edge Design to prevent skin from hurt.
  • MULTIPLE CUTTING LENGTHS - Easy to get 9 individual lengths from 2 mm to 18 mm by sliding the guard. Then use the lock-in comb for an even trim. Cutting length without the snap-on attachment is approximately 0.5-1.5mm.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - This Shaver offers a powerful and low noise motor. the AA-size battery ( included) provides up to 60 minutes of trimming and grooming. The cordless convenience allows use anywhere at any time.
  • SAFE LOCK SWITCH - Its locking system allows you to secure the guard in place, so there’s no chance of it slipping during use, plus it also has a travel lock feature to prevent accidental activation.
Product Name Liberex Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper with 9 Adjustable Trim Settings Battery Operated
Item NO HG-ME006
Weight 0.1700 kg = 0.3748 lb = 5.9966 oz
Category Hair Grooming > Men
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-05-28

Beard Trimmer & Hair Clippers PC100

This Liberex Beard/Hair Trimmer is for the trimming and care of mustaches, beards, and hair. Trimming length can be adjusted between 2 to 18 mm. 

Simply adjust the comb to select and lock in the length you want without the need for multiple separate attachments. 

Shaver machine power is provided by AA-size batteries (not included) for up to 60 minutes of trimming and grooming.

Lightweight style making it easy to take with you to work, the gym or while traveling.


What's in the box?

-Beard trimmer

-Attachment guard

-AA Battery

-Oil bottle

-Cleaning brush

Trimming of beard & Cutting of hair

Holding the shaver with the power switch facing outwards, trim by bringing the blade in contact with the skin and moving the shaver against the flow of the hair or beard.

Beard Style: 0.5-1.5mm(without the attachment comb)

Stubble look: 2mm


Medium: 8mm-12mm


Self-Sharpening Blades
The steel blades sharpen themselves as they work, ensure long lasting performance and accurate cutting. 

The blade head tracks the curves of your face for extra comfort and control giving you a clean, smooth look with each trim. R Shaped Edge Design to prevent skin from hurt.

Length Adjustment Guard

Trimming Length Indicator: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18mm.

Easy to get 9 different lengths by Slide the guard up and down. The comb locks in securely so you can trim with confidence. Cutting length without the snap-on attachment is approximately 0.5-1.5mm.

Blade Maintenance
The detachable head makes it easy to clean, simply pop the head open and use the cleaning brush provided to sweep away any loose hairs.

For best results, The trimmer blades should be oiled every few haircuts. Place a few drops of clipper Oil on the teeth (front) as well as at the back side of the blade.



After nearly a decade of replacing cheaper clipper sets every 2-3 years I finally decided to purchase a more expensive set. I'm glad I did! Even if they only last as long as cheaper ones, there's a handful of things I'm happy to pay the higher price for.

If it matters, I cut my own hair, and have for as long as I can remember, so my feedback is from that context. I don't cut anyone else's hair, and I tend to cut more frequently (every 5-6 days) so that I only need minor touch-ups vs. having to commit to an entire cut.


Shayla Gentry

This razor is very easy to use. It is light weight but sturdy at the same time. It has a retractable and attached blade guards for different lengths and a lock switch. I love that because I won’t loose the different length guards.



I was looking for in a trimmer and when I saw all the positive reviews for it on the amazon and I decided to give it a try, and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I just starter to use it but it has done a good job so far. it has everything I wanted in a trimmer and I hope that will last me many years. Thanks!


T. Rasmussen

I got this to be my travel trimmer so I don't have to worry about the battery on my rechargeable one running out and not having a charging cable with me. I love that I can just swap out the batteries. It has a nice locking feature that keeps the guide in place so you don't have to worry about it shifting in the middle of shaving that is helpful as well. I would totally get this shaver again to keep myself looking all trimmed up.


Jason C.

Great little clipper. Is very small and fits comfortably in the hand and is quieter than regular clippers, easy to hide in the hand as well. Really only strong enough to use for muzzles, even for routine clipping like coronary bands, ears, and bridle paths are not strong enough. Gets much closer than my regular clippers, hardly any stubble left behind. I never use anything but these for my muzzles unless absolutely necessary.


Marissia G Dilley

One of the nicest pair of clippers I have seen! It only takes 1 AA battery which is included. There is numerous settings 2 thru 18mm. It's very quiet and very efficient does a great job!


Josh Putnam

Very happy with this trimmer. Doesn’t have the unnecessary sizes, gives you a select few which I like. Saves on clutter. Good power.



Bought this trimmer due to my previous one starting to have issues. I prefer to have a rechargeable trimmer, but one that takes a single AA battery is the next best thing instead of being tethered by a cord.

This trimmer is lightweight, especially compared to my previous one. It is still nice, though, and gets the job done. It actually gets slightly closer, too. Call me lazy if you wish, but I usually just shave once a week to a goatee, then just let the rest grow, and shave back to just a goatee again. Trimming everything down as close as possible before shaving makes it a WHOLE lot easier.

I also like the way there is a lock for the trimmer guide so that when you set the length you want to use, it won't adjust itself due to pressure put on it. It's a nice feature to have so that you don't mistakenly go too short in some areas after trimming others.

Overall, I'm happy with this trimmer (especially the price), and it feels like it could last a while. It will definitely be able to hold me over until I can get another rechargeable trimmer later down the road.


IT in PA

I won't post my oops, it'll grow back video Lol. Let's just say it works. Certainly trimmed 4c hair well. It will automatically lock if you turn it on from the unlocked position. You can remove the attachment or use it. Comes with a brush, 1 AA battery and oil. It's exceptionally light weight



Originally this was my son's trimmer. When I saw his, I wanted one.
This is one of many trimmers I have purchased over many years and by far is the best.
Tops and highly recommend!



This shaver works well. I recently purchased it and haven't had any problems with it yet. I like that it has an adjustable guard, plus it comes with oil and a cleaning brush. The only concern I have is that it uses one AA battery and I am not sure how long that battery is going to last. It is also easy to use and is a good price.


Amazon Customer

Battery operated hair clipper, lightweight and easy to carry. Works on just one battery. Fits perfectly in my luggage for travel!


Kyle Nickasch

I love that this uses a single AA battery and does not have a power cord. I travel a lot and can just toss it in my bag and go. The adjustable guard lets me get my goatee exactly how I want it. The guard locks so it does not slide down from pressure and cut off more than you planned! Easy to clean with a quick rinse when done.



Light weight less noisy than a heavy electric one. I got it to give it as a gift to someone.



Good shaver and fast



Very smooth accurate operation. Nice set of combs and the blade height adjustor gives extra choice of length. Very quiet compared to previous clippers and they seem decently solid and robust. Make sure you buy some clipper oil to keep them in good shape.



Good trimmer of hair level,my hubby likes of evening his beard when he got it.


Jeff Stevenson

Very good clippers, the battery was included also. I trimmed my beard today and I wish I could show how great it looks. I think this is a must have.



I am very pleased with this good trimmer. It is a very nice product with different sets. It is super handy, low noise, and easy to use. The cordless convenience allows use anywhere at any time.


Ravi L.

Wow, that’s the easiest way I can describe this machine. It’s super sharp, light weight, and uses 1 AA battery that’s included. The head comes attached to the trimmer and slides up and down to varying lengths. It comes with a little bottle of oil as well. Definitely worth it and it’s comparable to other “high end” trimmers I have!