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Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades

Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades Item NO.: HG-ME002

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  • Back Hair Removal - This shaver designed to shave your back & body with the option of doing so wet or dry. equipped with 3pcs blade that is 3.5inch wide, that you can complete the task of back shaving in less time than with most other shavers.
  • Adjustable Flexible Head - Flex neck follows the contours of your back for the perfect blade to skin contact at any angle, ensuring that you get a close, comfortable shave every time. the cartridge is can detachable from the shaving handle for shaving skin areas within arm's reach.
  • 18 Inch Handle - The ergonomic long handle is fully extendable and adjustable and locks into place at various lengths to reach every area of your back. you don't need to worry about it collapse or move around. perfect for use during showers.
  • Replacing blades is a long-term investment - it comes with FREE three replacement blades. Meanwhile, our blade refills cost also less than many other back shaver brands. If you need change blades, slide them out and slide the new ones in.
Product Name Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades
Item NO. HG-ME002
Weight 0.28 kg = 0.6173 lb = 9.8767 oz
Category Hair Grooming > Men
Tag body hair remover , body hair removal , back hair remover , back hair removal , back hair removal for men
Brand Liberex
Creation Time 2018-12-18


Shave Large Areas Hairs Quickly

This shaver is equipped with 3pcs 3.5inch wide blade to shave large areas and longer hairs quickly, 
while a safety guard helps to prevent cuts and razor burn.

Flexible Shave Head

Flex neck follows the contours of your back and shoulders which provides a more comfortable shave. 
the cartridge is detachable from the shaving handle and fits in your palm for shaving skin areas within arm's reach.

Long Handle is Important

The handle is longer than the other brand shaver, specifically designed to reach all areas of the back with ease. 
it's can extends or retracts and locks into place at various lengths. perfect for use during showers.


Get Rid of the Man Forest

It's designed to reach every area of your back, Easily shave the hair off your shoulders, upper back and lower back.

Replacement Blades

Easy to replace by sliding in and out of the shaver housing unit. 
The cost of replacement blades is sometimes expensive,but don't worry, we include 3 FREE additional blades.

Cleaning Brush

comes with a small cleaning brush that attaches to the underside of the unit.

Money Back Guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident.

If for any reason within 60 days you feel that Back Hair Shaver is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your money in full.


John Doe

No complaints, surprisingly close shave!



Bought this as I wasn't keen on spending extra for the Bakblade. Glad I did, it comes with an extra three blades (one cartridge) which takes the hair off effortlessly. Don't expect a Wilkinson sword style experience, your skin will be red slightly but it won't matter cos you'll be smooth. I recommend this.


Kyri Poliviou

I've been a very hairy person from a young age, and have tried most options when it comes to removing my back hair. I've waxed which has great results, but hurts really REALLY BAD! I've used haor removal creams, again good results, but you need someone else's help. Then I started to uses hair clippers, good but always left big scratches on me and again needed aid from another person. I felt like I was always going to struggle when it came to this problem in my life. Until I found this little gem right here! I mean im over the moon seriously. I can do it myself, no help from anyone. It doesn't hurt at all, its a clean shave, no scratch marks on my skin. The best thing I've ever bought on the Internet.



Worked much better than I thought it would. Didn't need to get in shower, didn't cut at all and just took a little getting used to the first time to get the harder to reach spots. Took about 5 - 10 minutes to shave full back. Wish I had of known about back shavers sooner, would have saved a fortune on back waxing!!



Took a chance with this as I got fed up asking the missus. Its surprisingly good.


Mr A Ashraf

I already have a back shaving blade ( most popular brand) which works pretty good but has expensive replacement blades. I bought this because it has 3 blades which I thought would make easier work, a closer shave and also because the replacement blades are priced more reasonably. Whilst the blade is well manufactured, aesthetically pleasing,comfortable and folds in half for easy storage the main design fault here is the fact that all 3 blades move and are not positioned stationary at 1 angle like my other back shaving blade. In essence this means you can only shave with one blade (the top one) and this is more likely to give you cuts due to blade moving up and down. The problem of cuts is only moderatley more likely than my previous one but disapointed in that it does not make proper use of blades due to 1 design fault. Note to manufactures: just keep the blades at 1 angle, there is no need for them to move up and down which just causes increased razor drag and cuts and then you would have a fantastic 5 star product. Still it does the job fairly well.


Michael Dell

Brilliant. Notwithstanding the terriffic value this product is so easy to use and it will save me £££ on waxing.No cuts or razor burn. I'm so pleased with it and can thoroughly recommend.


Amazon Customer

fantastic easy to use and so effective


mary-ann ambrose

I am a disabled female so find this great for shaving my legs was a little worried it says for men but am so pleased with this item.



Great product ive had mine for a year now and still works great. So glad i came across this product and brought one


Аmazon Customer

Does exactly what I wanted



Was a wee bit sceptical about getting one. It turns out they are amazing. I am not overly hairy but it took no time at all removing the hair. Instructions are simple to follow and the extra blades with it are great.


Luiz Gustavo Ronchi Manente

Add a written revie


Marek kowalski

Great back shaver.so fast to get rid of back hair.


robert briers

Excellent product and delivery,this is where I'm going to buy again. Highly recommended



If you have back hair buy this. This is as easy as using a back scratcher. The item come with 3 blades and 3 additional. Many are asking where to buy replacement blades but realistically you will just buy another full set. Think of it like it’s a disposable razor. Then also consider you won’t have to shave your back every day. You’d be unlucky to have to shave it more than once every few months. So the blades will get very little use. When you use the item you’ll notice that one of the blades may get used more than the other 2 so just rotate them. Then when all 3 are no longer working you have another full set to replace them with. I can’t see you needed to buy new for a good year. The price is very good value for money and when you consider how much you would pay for razor blades for a regular shaver this is a real no brainer. The blades themselves sit behind small teeth like you wound find on hair clippers. So you would be hard pushed to cut yourself.


Matthew Artess

Arrived on time exactly as described and excellent purchase.High quality



Sadly i'm covered in hair, back, arms and chest. I've owned a BakBlade 2.0 Elite for quite some time now but was frustrated with how blunt the blades would get after 1-2 uses. I've had the Liberex a few weeks now so i feel it's fair to compare.Quality wise, they are both very similar and the design is almost the same. Perfect, something i'm comfortable with and used to.The replacement blades and holder are also pretty much the same. They don't clip in the same, so make sure you buy the correct blades for your shaver. If you intend on buying Liberex replacement blades for your BakBlade, don't. They are not made for the BakBlade, even if the Liberex ones are cheaper and last longer, just spend some more money and get the Liverex handle too. They will not CLIP IN to your BakBlade and you could risk injuring yourself while shaving. That was one of my question before i purchased but i desperately needed a trim.I've used it at least 3 times and i think i can probably use it a 4th time before i have to replace them. Mind you, it's my back, chest and arms i do in one go. That's quite a lot of use.Overall the quality of the product is second to none. It doesn't seem cheap. The blades are secured in place and have a rubber grabber that hold them tightly, this offers peace of mind. The blade glide and do not Pull on your back hair. I don't struggle with rash following this, but then again i'm used to it. The BakBlade however will give me razor burn, this hasn't yet.I know i compared the product with another throughout the review however it's important to compare one that's highly advertised and pretty trash, to one that's not as popular, is better quality, affordable and lasts you longer. Saving you tons of money in the long run.Please consider the points above and ask questions, if i can answer these i will.



Very nice and easy to use, comes with 3 spare blades which should last a long time. Feels solid and is long enough to reach all over. Would recommend using in the shower rather than dry just for comfort. Would recommend.


Amazon Customer

Very effective and relatively easy to use once you figure out the technique for the various parts of the back.I tested it on the back of my hand and decided to give it a go dry. Managed my whole back without any cuts or scrapes so won't bother doing a wet shave in the future.Happy with this product and would get replacement blades if they're available when the two sets provided are done.