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Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades

Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades Item NO: HG-ME002

US$ 21.99
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  • Back Hair Removal - This shaver designed to shave your back & body with the option of doing so wet or dry. equipped with 3pcs blade that is 3.5inch wide, that you can complete the task of back shaving in less time than with most other shavers.
  • Adjustable Flexible Head - Flex neck follows the contours of your back for the perfect blade to skin contact at any angle, ensuring that you get a close, comfortable shave every time. the cartridge is can detachable from the shaving handle for shaving skin areas within arm's reach.
  • 18 Inch Handle - The ergonomic long handle is fully extendable and adjustable and locks into place at various lengths to reach every area of your back. you don't need to worry about it collapse or move around. perfect for use during showers.
  • Replacing blades is a long-term investment - it comes with FREE three replacement blades. Meanwhile, our blade refills cost also less than many other back shaver brands. If you need change blades, slide them out and slide the new ones in.
Product Name Liberex Back Hair Removal for Men with 3 Replacement Blades
Item NO HG-ME002
Weight 0.28 kg = 0.6173 lb = 9.8767 oz
Category Hair Grooming > Men
Tag body hair remover , body hair removal , back hair remover , back hair removal , back hair removal for men
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2018-12-18


Shave Large Areas Hairs Quickly

This shaver is equipped with 3pcs 3.5inch wide blade to shave large areas and longer hairs quickly, 
while a safety guard helps to prevent cuts and razor burn.

Flexible Shave Head

Flex neck follows the contours of your back and shoulders which provides a more comfortable shave. 
the cartridge is detachable from the shaving handle and fits in your palm for shaving skin areas within arm's reach.

Long Handle is Important

The handle is longer than the other brand shaver, specifically designed to reach all areas of the back with ease. 
it's can extends or retracts and locks into place at various lengths. perfect for use during showers.


Get Rid of the Man Forest

It's designed to reach every area of your back, Easily shave the hair off your shoulders, upper back and lower back.

Replacement Blades

Easy to replace by sliding in and out of the shaver housing unit. 
The cost of replacement blades is sometimes expensive,but don't worry, we include 3 FREE additional blades.

Cleaning Brush

comes with a small cleaning brush that attaches to the underside of the unit.

Money Back Guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our products and are confident.

If for any reason within 60 days you feel that Back Hair Shaver is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your money in full.


N. Randtoul

Absolutely brilliant, easy to use, shaves perfectly all those impossible to reach areas, back hair gone in a flash.



I purchased this product intrigued by its potential. I must say that it works well and is very easy to use. Obviously I recommend buying.



Very easy to use



However, I did cut myself a tiny little bit. Also felt like a little bit of a idiot for needing it.



Never thought i would buy this product but it works good worth the money


David Parkin

Great product and easy to use! I'm able to reach my entire back with the extendable handle. the blades are also extremely easy to remove for easy cleaning.


Darren Jones

I got this for my husband and it is really great. he uses it in the shower as rinsing as he shaves gives the best outcome.


danielle A.

This battery-free unit is smooth and thorough and a joy to use. this by far is the best deal.


hafiz ahmed

Great product


Amazon Customer

Superb product. Easy to use . Recommend to anyone


Debbie Widd

Easy to use! It can get a smooth shave and reach the whole back, leaves my back smooth. No more asking the wife, Strongly recommend!



Was really skeptical about this product but so glad I gave it ago, works perfectly wet or dry. Fixed a long standing issue for me! Iv purchased alot from amazon never bothered to leave a review which says how happy I am with this product


Liam Ward

Back hair? No problem. I’ve also got the more expensive brand and this works just as good. Only downside is the part with the blades comes off due to the way it attaches and detaches. However, this one comes with three blades plus three extra blades and it cheaper then the more expensive a blades. Makes sense really


Anthony coop.

First time I have bought one of these very impressive 5 mins job !


Amazon Customer

Oh my god, this is bloody brilliant, so easy and so simple and fast to do. Wish I had bought years ago, 5Stars from me, definitely a must buy, hair on my back gone in minutes.


Neil Coleman

Easy to use and works well



Flexible positions and extensions allow trimming in hard-to-reach places. The blade bed even slides off the handle so you can use it even easier as you would a comb, did great on my chest. It's easy to clean and use, better than most back razors.


Heather Randell

The handle is long enough to reach comfortably. I have a very hairy back and I shaved it all of in just 1 minutes.



Bought as a gift for my mate and despite being a tag on present to his main gift he loves this the most! He’s half bear so needs to keep his hair under control and after the first use he was made up! Beats his current setup of an electric trimmer cello taped to a stick!


H Harrison

I thought I would buy one of these to try out but I was not expecting too much. This has turned out to be a great buy. Easy to use piece of personal grooming kit ideal for the summer for a pre beach trim. It can be used wet or dry but wet is more comfortable and less chance of razor rash.