Happy Smile Since Using Liberex Water Flosser

Liberex water flosser review,thank you very for much for @heeraa.mua share her opinion after using for sometime.

Bellow is her review content,very cool.

"Today I'm talking about teeth 

As a child I literally lived off sugar and ruined my teeth. Also used to run and fall a lot, chipping my teeth....probably because of the sugar 

I used to brush my teeth but I never did the whole shabam of flossing, mouthwash etc until 8 years ago which was when I fully understood the importance of dental hygiene...and now I'm pretty happy with my teeth, even my dentist says so 

I'd heard a lot about 'water flossing' and had done my research and it seemed like a good way to go.
Coincidentally @liberexlab kindly decided to gift me this water flosser which I've been using for the last few months #gifted
This bad boy is such a game changer. I have got rid of the traditional floss and I will never touch it again. The water flossing has made my teeth super clean and grub-free. I find that it's easier to use as you literally just shoot pressurised water at your teeth and within seconds you're done.
I've also found that I use this multiple times throughout the day after meals etc because it's just like rinsing your mouth.
This nifty gadget is super light in weight and travel friendly as it's USB chargeable as well as being portable

I would definitely recommend this gadget to anyone who is looking to get a water flosser. You won't regret it.

Happy smiling"

Modern people are think highly of the oral health, especially the health of teeth.

Although everyone uses toothbrushes and toothbrushes every day, it is not enough to just use a toothbrush. If the brushing is not in place, it will cause a series of problems such as tooth decay and tooth inflammation.

In the long run, it will breed a variety of harmful bacteria, which will lead to many problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, toothache, etc.

We must focus on our oral hygiene. It is precisely because the oral problems are valued by many people, and the usual brushing can not cleanly and thoroughly remove the dirt inside the gap of the teeth.

Therefore, many home users are now using the water flosser.Liberex Water Flosser With 1600 times/ min water pulse, 360° rotating long nozzle, the powerful water flosser can deeply clean every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach.

When we use the toothbrush every day, there are a lot of places where the brush is not in place. Especially in the cracks of the teeth, this place is the most vulnerable to dirt and dirt, causing diseases related to teeth and gums.

Normal brushing can not be cleaned to the gingival sulcus and interdental. If the cleaning is not in place, the remaining food will become A hotbed of nutrients for germs that triggers related dental diseases. If a water flosser device is used, it can be washed into the gingival sulcus to a depth of 50%-90% under pressure, and the powerful pressure water column can be cleaned to various gaps.

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