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Cordless Water Flosser with 5 Jet Nozzles (300ml) White FDA Approved for Teeth/Braces, USB Rechargeable, for Family Travel Use

Cordless Water Flosser with 5 Jet Nozzles (300ml) White FDA Approved for Teeth/Braces, USB Rechargeable, for Family Travel Use Item NO: OC-TB014

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Liberex Water Flosser Replacement Tips Set 5 Pack White for Cordless Oral Irrigator FC159 Cordless Water Flosser with 5 Jet Nozzles (300ml) White FDA Approved for Teeth/Braces, USB Rechargeable, for Family Travel Use
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  • 【Professional Oral Irrigator】- With 1600 times/ min water pulse, 360° rotating long nozzle, the powerful water flosser can deeply clean every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach.
  • 【3 Deep Cleaning Modes】- Liberex water flosser has Normal, Soft and Pulse modes to meet various oral care needs.
  • 【Best Choice for Travel】- With durable rechargeable lithium battery, the water flosser will last up to 14 days' continuous use after one full charged in just 4 hours.
  • 【Detachable design】- Fully wrapped removable water reservoir makes easy the water filling, help clean thoroughly the scale and bacteria inside and avoid vapor sneaking into pump, significantly extending life span; With FDA/FCC/CE certificate, no odor even after long running
  • 【5 Rotatable Nozzles】 - It's perfect for anyone with braces or implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers, helps clean up the blind spots, remove debris.
Product Name Cordless Water Flosser with 5 Jet Nozzles (300ml) White FDA Approved for Teeth/Braces, USB Rechargeable, for Family Travel Use
Item NO OC-TB014
Weight 0.0450 kg = 0.0992 lb = 1.5873 oz
Category Oral Care
Tag Cordless Water Flosser , Oral Irrigator , water flosser cordless , water pikwater flosser cordless , water flosser cordless rechargeable
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2019-04-16

Cordless Water Flosser for Better Oral Health

Cordless Water Flosser for Better Oral Health

With superfine water stream of 30-90 PSI and 1600 pulses per minute, which proven to be the most comfortable frequency but of excellent cleaning efficacy.

This water flosser from Liberex could penetrate into spaces between teeth and below the gums to remove bacteria and tough food debris effectively.

Especially areas that traditional string flosser and toothbrushes could not reach.

Professional Oral Irrigator for Whole Family

3 operation modes and 5 replaceable nozzles to satisfy daily oral hygiene needs of the whole family. 

Effectively and efficiently removes plaque and bacteria between teeth to improve overall oral health, providing healthier gum and brighter teeth;

IPX7 waterproof design is adopted both internally and externally to provide dual protection. 

The intelligent design prevents leakage and allows it to be used safely even in the bathroom; 

And its USB rechargeable design, powerful lithium battery provides convenience and flexibility. 

Never worry about dead batteries, ideal for travel. A Professional cordless dental flosser for the whole family.


360°Rotating Long Nozzle for Deep Cleaning

Liberex cordless water flosser with 5 interchangeable 360° rotating ergonomic nozzles, high pressure water pulse 1400-1800 times per minute and a handheld tongue cleaner,

deep removal of bacterial debris,easily remove dental plague, cleaning effect is more than traditional floss, allow you prevent bad breath and improve gum health.

USB Charging Design

The water detal flosser supported by USB inductive charging, safe and easy, perfectly compatible with any charger or equipment with a USB port (not included in package), 

convenient to use at home or travel. 4 hours charge for about 14 days use.

IPX7 Dual Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof design is adopted both internally and externally to provide dual protection.

Waterproof design to make it easy to clean as well as convenient to use even in the shower.Avoid electric leakage and enhance safety.

Upgraded With Detachable Water Tank

Reservoir with 300ml high-volume water capacity which can last for 50 seconds of continous flossing. 

Fully wrapped removable water reservoir makes easy filling water and cleaning the scale and bacteria inside thoroughly;

Note: pls ensure the device is switch off when pouring water in the tank.

Type of Warm Tips


Standard Tips

For teeth's dialy clean, ultra-fine pulsed water flow, not only uses the force of water to floss the teeth, but it massages gums and feels great while getting all the food particles out of my teeth.

Periodontal Tip

For periodontal pockets. Deeply rinsing into the interdental fissure and subgingival site.
Massage gums, promote blood circluation under the gums, relieve periodontitis, gingivitis, teeth shrinking, reduce the thickness of pocket.

Orthodontic Tip

For the person with the false tooth, wearing orthotics, dental braces, teeth socket. It removes hard-to-reach plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires.

Dental Plaque Tip

For implants, dental bridge, false tooth crowns. 
It has 4 thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around implants, crowns, bridges and other areas that are susceptible to plaque accumulation.



Very Good Product! This is a birthday for my friend, and my friend likes it very much. She has never used any Water Flosser before. This Water Flosser helped her maintain her oral health and fresh breath, and she recommended it to many friends. This Water Flosser is affordable and definitely worth buying.


Mike Fenton

ve never used a douche before and it's definitely worth a try! It's easy to use. Fill the box and open it. When fully charged, it is strong enough to flush the gums, but not strong enough to cause pain. For sensitive reasons, I recommend using lukewarm water. When two adults use it at the same time, the battery can remain uncharged for more than a week. If you want to buy this, don't wait. It's worth every penny.


Bob Kennedy

The water floss works great, first time using, will recommend to others.
Service:Thanks for your support and trust,we are so glad to receive your feedback.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



I am very pleased with this product. It was easy to use. Nice it came with a travel bag.


vicki xu

Totally love it. I already used this item for a couple of days. I used at nighttime BEFORE brushing teeth. You literally can see the food that was stocked between the teeth felling out. As you can see, there are three modes that you can switch. So it won’t hurt your gum. I highly recommend this at nighttime. So you won’t have weird smell when you wake up the next day. Also it’s good to travel. There is a small bag that you can carry with.



Get it and start using it. The first time I used the lowest file, I still bleed, but it took three times. It was very comfortable to start with the second gear in these two days. If you buy it, you won't regret it. After brushing your teeth, you can also rush out the slag. like


Roy W.

This is my first water flosser. It helps me clean my teeth after I eat meat. Also my mouth feels so fresh afterwards.
My son has braces and this helps him clean his teeth very well.


Min Chen

Looks very fancy! It is handy and easy to use. It really can flush out the residues between teeth. Works so well!



Really helpful to everyday use, like this color(pink+white), easy to carry, I bring it to school



The water flosser is easy to use. I use it every time after eating. It is very light so easy to carry. I like to use it more than flosser when I am in office. Price is also good.



I love this irrigator. Not only it's wireless but having enough storage space of water for one single usage. It's much much easier to clean your teeth. Enjoy its soft mode and efficiency of time.


S. Stokes

Works just like the other water picks. Messy at first, then you get it.
You still need to floss.


Yue Gao

The water floss works good for me, easy to use and charge. Tried it after meal, it worked better than regular flossing. It also came with a waterproof poach for traveling, pretty cool.


Vicky chen

This water flosser is working good.It is very powerful and easy to use.I use it everyday .


Amazon Customer

I was surprised to see how many attachments this flosser came with. The manufacturer even included a bag so you can travel with it as well. It worked great right out of the box. Very good quality.



It’s a pretty good product. I travel a lot, and it is very easy to bring around. I have been using it for a week now, I don’t have to recharge it, which is also very impressive.


Chenyu Jin

It is actually my first time using a water flosser. my friendly recommend it to me as a new water flosser user. I thought I won't like it, but later I fill in love with it. It has three methods, and it is small enough. Now, I recommend it to people, especially to people who haven't been used a water flosser before.



I have never used a water flosser before. I have had it a week. So far great. Easy to fill and handle well. Water tank holds a good amount of water too.



It's compact so doesn't take up a lot of counter space. The part that holds the water detaches completely to allow a thorough cleaning and complete drying. You have to be careful where your fingers are, though, because I have turned it back ON in error and splashed water all over the mirror! If you keep your mouth partly closed while using and pay attention to where the buttons are, you can avoid unwanted splashes. I use warm water w. just a dab of anti-plaque rinse each time. Would recommend.


Jason Wang

My doctor told me water flossed is the best for teeth, it can clean all the place that toothbrush can not reach and it can also remove all the dirty in your mouth! So I tried and it’s really good, you can still see a lot dirt after you brush your teeth! Strongly recommend!