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Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women Black
Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women Black


US$ 11.99
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  • 2020-07-29
    I brought this trimmer for my husband and it very easy to use and pain free.
  • 2020-06-14
    He like it for size...he had biger size nose trimmer before that not good for when i have traveling. I am very like it..
  • 2020-06-04
    Great design, easy to hold, powerful trimming for a affordable price. Requires an AA battery. Tiny, perfect for business trip!
  • 2020-06-04
    I purchased this for my husband, and it Works great! This is my husband first experience with this product! He said it’s easy to use and hold, and high quality product. He is so happy to have this product.
  • 2020-06-03
    Cleans very well and it even has a flashlight when you turn it on so you can see inside of the nostrils lol. Can be pushed inside against the wall in the nostril and it doesn't hurt.
  • 2020-05-21
    Great little nose trimmer. Exactly what I needed. It takes a double 8 battery. Very strong motor and easy to hold in the hand and use. It's fast and won't pull your hair... It's a clean sharp cut and doesn't grab your skin or bind up. I give this a 5 star. It's exactly what you would expect for a nose and ear trimmer.
  • 2020-05-18
    Super compact and ergonomic and incredibly easy to use. It looks and sounds a little scary but was completely painless. Bought it for my husband and he was able to trim nose, ear and eyebrows with this. You have to be careful with the eyebrows since this is a shaver but if I can figure it out you’ll be able to as well. It has a little light that can help guide you when you’re using it. Easy to manoeuvre and manage. Battery not included but it takes a single AA battery. Works very fast and easy to clean. I like that it has removable batteries rather than an inbuilt rechargeable one because I don’t have to worry about it switching on in my bag during traveling or worry about buying a new trimmer once the battery wears out.
  • 2020-05-07
    This is pretty much has the length of a pen and diameter of a sonicare toothbrush. It’s easy to use and very light. It’s my first time using a nose cleaner and after 2 mins, I got the jist of it. I do like how it’s battery powered so I don’t have to keep charging them. Since I’ll prob use them once every 3 weeks.I didn’t get any hair stuck in the machine (so far ) so that’s good news. Haha there’s a cleaner brush hidden under the battery cap Which makes
  • 2020-02-26
    Nose hair trimmer with led light it run off 1 aa battery it is very easy to use it’s trim your hair in you nose without pulling the hair while it is cutting I like that it is small enough that I can put it in my suitcase and take it with me while I am traveling
  • 2018-03-02
    I bought this for my finance. He used it for his nose, I also trim his hair with it. It works well! My finance says it doesn’t hurt :) definitely recommend it!
  • 2017-10-21
    Good product, my husband like it, good quality, nice size good for to go trips, I'm completely happy with this purchase.
  • 2017-09-22
    got this nose hair trimmer for my hubby as he always use scissors to trim his nasal hair and i always worry everytime that he might cut him self lol. He liked it as it doesn't pull any hair and Its convenient to use