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Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer-Blue
Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer-Blue


US$ 13.99
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  • 2020-07-29
    I brought this trimmer for my husband and it very easy to use and pain free.
  • 2020-06-14
    He like it for size...he had biger size nose trimmer before that not good for when i have traveling. I am very like it..
  • 2020-06-04
    Great design, easy to hold, powerful trimming for a affordable price. Requires an AA battery. Tiny, perfect for business trip!
  • 2020-06-04
    I purchased this for my husband, and it Works great! This is my husband first experience with this product! He said it’s easy to use and hold, and high quality product. He is so happy to have this product.
  • 2020-06-03
    Cleans very well and it even has a flashlight when you turn it on so you can see inside of the nostrils lol. Can be pushed inside against the wall in the nostril and it doesn't hurt.
  • 2020-05-21
    Great little nose trimmer. Exactly what I needed. It takes a double 8 battery. Very strong motor and easy to hold in the hand and use. It's fast and won't pull your hair... It's a clean sharp cut and doesn't grab your skin or bind up. I give this a 5 star. It's exactly what you would expect for a nose and ear trimmer.
  • 2020-05-19
    My husband has so much hair in his ears and nose that he looks more like a yeti then a man. He normally has to use tweezers to pluck the hair out of his ears and nose twice each week.We were simply amazed this evening that Liberex Nose Ear Trimmer was ready to go right out of the box. It trimmed each ear in less then 30 seconds and the nose in about 20 seconds.It is quiet, easy to hold, and easy to clean after use. Absolutely worth 10 stars ⭐️!
  • 2020-05-07
    This is pretty much has the length of a pen and diameter of a sonicare toothbrush. It’s easy to use and very light. It’s my first time using a nose cleaner and after 2 mins, I got the jist of it. I do like how it’s battery powered so I don’t have to keep charging them. Since I’ll prob use them once every 3 weeks.I didn’t get any hair stuck in the machine (so far ) so that’s good news. Haha there’s a cleaner brush hidden under the battery cap Which makes
  • 2020-02-26
    Nose hair trimmer with led light it run off 1 aa battery it is very easy to use it’s trim your hair in you nose without pulling the hair while it is cutting I like that it is small enough that I can put it in my suitcase and take it with me while I am traveling
  • 2020-02-25
    This is nice and very precise. I gifted this to my Dad. This is very simple to use for a specific purposes, well explained . No confusion. not too techy and very user friendly. The Instruction comes in booklet as well as on the box. I like the classic packing and the cover lid. I just wish it came with at least one battery for same day trial. Otherwise I am very happy to have bought this.
  • 2020-02-20
    So got this for my husband because his nose hairs are out of control and plucking hurts. When I first gave it to him, he just jamed it in his nose and started moving it around. I was afraid he might cut his self or maybe pinch something, but no. He said he didn't feel anything and it was easy to grip. He loves it!
  • 2020-02-16
    It is great, easy to use and this is no pulling of the heirs in your nose. Very good price for the quality what you get, very impressed. This one trims the hair perfectly it doesn't pinch me like others have in the past. It's small and lightweight so it fits in my travel bag.
  • 2020-01-13
    Great nose trimmer that gets the job donePros- Quite effective at trimming all them nose and ear hairs that one can come to expect- Good value- not too loudCons- Aesthetic could be a little less phallic.Worth a buy!
  • 2019-12-19
     I bought this to avoid cutting myself or having to use tweezers to pluck. I love how the trimmer fits in my hand, and that it has a lid that keeps the unit from accidentally turning on in a drawer or luggage. The unit uses one AA battery, so you’ll need to have that on hand to use it right away. The battery compartment was very easy to open, and the battery easy to install. Our last one was difficult to open and required a lot of screwing motion, but this is more like the back of a remote control- just a purposeful slide and the compartment is available. There is a light on the unit as well, which added some visual aid. As with most trimmers, there is a bit of a mechanical smell if you’re tidying up the nose area since the motor is on and running, but I didn’t find that to be unusual or overwhelming.
  • 2019-10-24
    I used it for trimming my nose hairs. I really like how easy it is to hold and how well it trims.
  • 2019-09-09
    Putting in the battery:Put the pointy end DOWN towards the bottom (it gots tiny black molded symbols that are impossible to see without a flashlight). The cutter is polarized so it only works if the battery is in the correct direction.Instructions say to Ensure your nose is tidy. That's a polite way of saying blow the boogers out of your nose. Maybe wrap a tissue on your pinky finger and dig around a little, too.Side note: if your boogers are consistently dry and crusted, drink more water. Boogers are part of our body's health management team (look it up).As I think someone else mentioned, the light is entirely pointless - unless maybe you drop it in the dark. You should still have a good tiny flashlight, though.I use one of them tiny LED flashlights about as big as a fat pen that produces plenty of light to check the lower nose cavity (and the newer ones will light up the entire room!).The actual nose hair trimming action occurs in the first one-sixteenth of an inch, so plan on a circular exploratory sweep in tiny depth increments as you seek out and destroy the scourge of offensive nose hair.It says to keep it no deeper than 0.5cm, which is about two-tenths of an inch. As the silver cutting tip is only three-tenths of an inch you shouldn't have to worry too much about it.Unmentioned in the instructions is how to remove the upper cutter assembly - the silver tip and supporting base.Turn the trimmer over until the LED light is facing up. Look closely above the light and you'll see an arrow and a dot molded into the trimmer, with a vertical line molded in the cutter assembly. Twist the cutter towards the arrow and it pulls off (or falls - hang on to that sucker!).The white nylon blade holder can now be removed from the cutter head. I used tweezers as I have no fingernails to speak of.Not mentioned ANYWHERE is the skinny black brush clipped inside the battery cover. Not even tweezers would pry that sucker out of there, so I pulled down on the bristles and finally pushed on the bottom end to get the clip to let go of it.Brush the debris from the blades, and maybe wash them under water (as per instructions). I wouldn't necessarily wash the cutter head unless it was, you know, really gross (it might be stainless steel, but why take a chance?).Take care not to just jam the blades back into the holder - align it carefully and wiggle it in there (it's spring-loaded).In use, it was pretty quiet. You'll hear it when it starts biting at your hair; likewise if you haven't shaved for a few days and run it across your stubble. Worthless for trimming eyebrows (that's what tweezers are for, anyway), and I have a partner who looks forward to those evenings where she can pluck my ear hairs out one-by-one, before scraping my ear canals with a Chinese ear tool of some sort (definitely NOT about to let her pluck my nose hairs out with tweezers!).Overall, I'd say it's a worthwhile tool.Maybe make a point of removing the battery between uses - just to make sure.My box included a tiny card which stated, Your product wins the FREE 90 DAY RETURN and 12 MONTHS WARRANTY. Yeah, okay... I figure once every couple of weeks should do it in if it's as bad as some would suggest...
  • 2019-08-04
    I was fearful even after reading the reviews that this product would snag and rip nose hairs at some point during a procedure. But it does not. This is the first hair nose trimmer I have ever used (and I have purchased plenty) that removes my nose hairs without causing any pain. It is perfect. I would recommend this product a hundred times over. I am so grateful and feel extremely lucky that I have finally found a nose hair trimmer that performs so smoothly