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  • 2019-03-19
    After the first use, I found a piece of the brush on my face. not sure if this is because it is new or if more of them will be falling out. i saw something shiny and short on my cheek after drying. i couldn't feel it because it is so thin, but it reflected the light so i caught it.
  • 2019-03-18
    yanelly trebino
    Muy bueno
  • 2019-03-17
    - really compact and convenient to charge
    - three different speeds and brushes
    - soft brushes, good battery life
    - ergonomically comfy to hold and use

    - only comes with USB charger so there’s no actual plug that goes into a wall socket
    - Wish the brushes were a little firmer especially when washing after removing makeup (still feels like there’s makeup residue on my face after using the soft brush)
  • 2019-03-13
    Daniellea beckford
    I got 2brush but I only order one anyways brush are good
  • 2019-03-13
    Indentical in quality to a Clarisonic (I have had 2 of those). It really holds a charge, is cute and easy to pack when traveling. The price is amazing, no more Clarsonics for me. Wish it came in a jumbo size for arms, back, and legs....
  • 2019-03-13
    L. Rephann
    On one charge, my brush is still working 3 months later and I use it daily! It's compact, easy to hold, and works great. Three speeds and an alert that tells you when 20 seconds is up are fantastic features. Great price and design. My 3rd facial care brush and by far my favorite, the best designed, and the best operation. Truly waterproof as well. Use mine daily in the shower. I love this brush!
  • 2019-03-12
    Lacey Saldate
    Absolutely love this Liberex facial brush! I have been using a Clarisonic Mia Fit for about 2 years until the battery completely stopped working. I was looking for a replacement, but didn't want to spend $150+. I was searching Amazon for a while and came across this one. I was hesitant to buy it because it was so cheap, I thought it wouldn't last. I am so glad I bought it! I love it more than the Clarisonic! It is smaller than the Mia Fit, fits into you hand nicely, and the brush head is also smaller, so you can get it around your nose better. I have had this for 3 months now, and I am still in love with it. I use it morning and night for 2 cycles each time, and I have only had to charge it once! Great battery. I use it in the shower too, completely waterproof. The brush head is so easy to remove, just pops right off, but never pops off during use. Only takes a couple of hours to recharge, comes with a charging stand thing. Has 3 settings, gives you a little pause when the timer changes, every 15 or 20 seconds? Not sure, I don't really pay much attention to that, I just love this thing and my skin feels so clean afterwards! I've included pics comparing the Liberex to the Clarisonic so you can see the difference in size. I totally recommend this, if you are even considering buying this, do yourself a favor and just buy it!
  • 2019-03-11
  • 2019-03-08
    This arrived today and it's amazing. It came with 3 brush heads (the exfoliating one pictured, the sensitive one pictured and one silicone so cleansing head not pictured). It was a cute well packaged box that would be great to gift wrap as a gift. It was packaged similar to Apple products and well designed. Had an existing charge so I was able to use it immediately. Fit well in the palm of my hand and cleaned my face really well taking off all of the makeup from my regular office-wear face. Gentle enough to even use on your eyelids so great to take off eye makeup as well. The three speeds are reasonable and feel nice on the skin. Brushes are easy to change around and easy to clean. Used my regular cleanser but the difference was amazing. Wonderful product for a great price. I've already shared the link with family members and will be buying my hubby his own. Love love love. Get this over a Clarsonic anyday!
  • 2019-02-28
    Mai Ghaly
    Perfect for cleaning and massaging your face then relaxing, you will take all advantages from your facial scrub or soap cream when using this product, I feel no wasting money to pay customs and taxes to receive to Egypt
  • 2019-02-27
    Mobina Akhtar
    I love this power cleansing brush . It's been a few days since I have this one. I love how deep the clean feels!!! About blackheads, it goes into the pores and clean them out so it can help to get rid of them and prevent them!!
  • 2019-02-27
    Jennesta Lee
    Best brush ever. It’s supper gentle and effective. It holds a charge for a pretty long time. I love that’s waterproof i take it into the shower with me.
  • 2019-02-19
    Gina Reagan
    I have been looking for a facial brush for months and finally bit the bullet with this one. Very pleased with my purchase. Three different brushes for all different types of cleansing and none of them are too harsh for my sensitive skin. Exactly as described. Great value for the money.
  • 2019-02-19
    Pavan Reddy
    Great product. works as well as the way overpriced clairsonic. Great charge that lasts forever. very light and easy to pack.
  • 2019-02-16
    Kindle Customer
    Small Brush with a lot of power and so convent to travel with great purchase!!
  • 2019-02-13
    This brush changed my skin. My Clarisonic died after 3 years and I didn't have the money to buy a new one right now. I stumbled upon this Liberex face brush when looking around on Amazon and saw that it was an Amazon choice product and had great reviews so I decided to order it and hope for the best. You guys, not only is this comparable to my $200 Clarisonic brush, but it comes with 2 additional heads for different levels of clean. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, get it! You won't be disappointed.
  • 2019-02-13
    Amazon Customer
    Wife loves it
  • 2019-02-08
    I love that this product is rechargeable and you don’t have to worry about the extremely short service life like several others. The shape is great, my carpal tunnel don’t act up with it. I wish it was a spinning brush not oscillating.
  • 2019-02-08
    Steve D.
    I used to you a Clarisonic, until it broke this past few weeks. I been reading reviews on many devices and this is the one who caught my eye. The design fits perfectly in anyone hands. Has two speed settings, which are amazing and comes with two brushes heads. One is super soft for everyday use and one for deep pore cleaning. I love love love this product!! I have no bad reviews for this item. Totally worth the purchase.
  • 2019-02-07
    This product is very easy to use! Not only is it easy to use, is really effective in cleaning my skin in a gentle manner. I only use it twice a week, but it has definitely made a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.
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