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  • 2019-11-30
    Barbara J Cooper
    I bought this after trying a different one a friend has and this product is a great buy. Good for daily or travel use.
  • 2019-11-29
    Dana Colley
    I absolutely love this face scrubber. It’s ergonomically egg shaped so it fits well in my hands it’s waterproof you can take it in the shower with you it has wireless charging no need to worry about buying batteries every time it stops working like other brands and mine after about 10 months of having it actually did stop working and I emailed the company after registering my product on our website and they’re mailing me a brand new one it’s got a lifetime warranty
  • 2019-11-29
    Rylee Ries
    My skin has never been so clear. I use this before bed and sometimes also in the morning. There were many different factors- new skincare products, better diet, etc. but even then, my skin has never looked so flawless and glowing!! So happy with this product.
  • 2019-11-29
    Ro Igros
     This facial brush cleaner is cute and does its work. It is not hard on the face, oscillates just right, exfoliates and massages really well. Charging is easy, just place it on its flat charger and connect with USB charger cord. With 3 modes and 3 brushes I really like it.
  • 2019-11-28
    Yuh-Jen L.
    I have been using a Clarisonic Pro for about 6 years until the battery completely stopped working. I was looking for a replacement, but didn't want to spend too much money this time. I like this one because it is smaller and lightweight. It’s easy to hold and and operate. I use it every two days, it does a great job cleaning and my face and neck. After 2 weeks using it, I think my face got more radiant and bright! Its easy and fast to charge, I will bring it with me when travels.
  • 2019-11-28
    love this little brush. comes with 3 different style brushes and they all work fantastic on my face!. my skin feels so clean and refreshed after each use and is not rough on my skin like some other brushes. like the little charger stand it comes with also, holds its charge longer than i expected.
  • 2019-11-27
    April Masters
    Works as well as the expensive brands. Not one problem with it. Charges fast. Have left it in the shower and it hasn't caused any problems.
  • 2019-11-26
    This little brush is awesome! The design was well thought out, down to details like holes in the lid so that it can air dry without being fully exposed. It’s the perfect size so it’s easy to hold and not cumbersome. The brush heads are ultra soft and I love that it came with a silicone one as well! The little charging doc is compact and looks nice sitting on the counter. It feels great and I’d highly recommend!
  • 2019-11-25
    Basically I think this facial brush is the same as the expensive one. I feel good and truly waterproof. I hope the product can last for a long time. The price is affordable
  • 2019-11-25
    Ms Sandoval
    I was discouraged when I purchased a clarisonic Mia last year and spend over $100, told myself I wouldn't do that mistake again so I had read the reviews on this product and I am very happy I chose to purchase. It works great on my skin and I have started to see improvements on the size of my pores.
  • 2019-11-25
    Compact, holds a charge well, wish the vibrations were stronger
  • 2019-11-20
    R. LUCAS
    I love this thing! I'm in my mid 30s with acne prone, oily skin. I also have extremely sensitive skin. So far I've only charged it once and it's still going strong. I use it twice a day. It has 2 different speeds and pauses briefly. The directions said it would beep to remind you to move to a new spot. Mine pauses which is fine. After so long it will turn off automatically but it just takes a push of a button for it to turn back on so I don't find it too bothersome. I also like that it vibrates instead of spinning. One it really deep cleans and two it's way less messy. No slinging soap everywhere. I've been using it about a month and can see decreased blackheads which is pretty impressive. Overall highly recommend!
  • 2019-11-19
    Kaitlyn Bridges
    This thing is amazing. It feels super well made. It's rechargable which I like and comes with three different scrubby pads. I have skin that needs extra care and I wear a lot of make up. I feel this will help with any residual build up on my skin.
  • 2019-11-18
    I’ve been using this facial brush for about 2 weeks now and love it! I feel like my skin is so much softer and it just feels cleaner! I have sensitive skin and was worried that the brush may be too harsh, but with the soft brush head attachment, it’s perfectly fine! It comes with 3 attachments, but the instructions did not indicate what to use each attachment for. However, overall I like the product and will continue to use! I have not yet needed to/tried to charge the brush so am unable to comment on that.
  • 2019-11-18
    This product exfoliates very well and has the sonic technology that works best for me. However, the small round brush can slip out of your hand because it is so small but I've mastered it so hopefully no problems.
  • 2019-11-18
    I really like its cute appearance. The facial cleansing brush looks so cute! It comes with 3 brush heads. The brush heads are really soft and very gentle to my face, so I don't feel a scratch at all. My favorite part is the time setting for cleaning my face. I love this brush!
  • 2019-11-17
    this face brush is great ... I am a flight attendant ... I stay in hotels where sometimes the power connection is not accessible, so this face brush is practical since it is usb wireless, it is also resistant to water and its design is well since it fits perfectly in my hand and that makes it easy to use it .... As for its effectiveness it is magnificent, my face feels cleaner, it breathes and the skin also feels soft ... I hope my wife doesn't take it from me ... I think I'm going to buy one for her ..
  • 2019-11-17
    Very comparable if not better than my Clarisonic! Highly recommend and will be telling my friends about this!
  • 2019-11-16
    Amazon Customer
    I received my brush in the mail, and it is better than the Clarisonic Mia that had given out on me! Exactly the deep clean I needed. My only complaint is that it came with a USB connector but not AC adapter. I am still living in the dark ages and outlets aren't USB compliant.
  • 2019-11-16
    tucson kate
    Works really well-- I used a Clarisonic prior to buying this one. Just as happy with the Liberex. Thank you!
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