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Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots)

Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots) Item NO: SC-FA002

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  • It can efficiently absorb wound exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing.
  • Hydrocolloid is a superabsorbent material, helps accelerate wound healing and remove dirt, replenishes seriously stressed skin in a flash.
  • Prevents bacteria invasion, protects blemish from external pollution and irritation while providing a mild, moist, and unpolluted heeling environment.
  • Invisible, drug free, waterproof and breathable, can be worn day or night, with or without makeup.
  • Perfect for all skin type and all ages. Non-drying thanks to its hydrophilicity.
  • 100% Safe Ingredient: Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, hydrocolloid.
  • Package: 20 dots*6 Sheets. Diameter: 12mm. Thickness: 0.25 mm.
Product Name Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots)
Item NO SC-FA002
Weight 0.0200 kg = 0.0441 lb = 0.7055 oz
Category Skin Care
Tag Acne Pimple Master Patch , Hydrocolloid pimple stickers , Hydrocolloid Absorbing Bandages , Pimple Cover , Acne Treatment
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2018-09-18

Liberex acne pimple master patch does well in protecting, treating pimples and preventing infection.

Hydrocolloid removes dirt, oil, makeup, and replenishes seriously stressed skin in a flash. It will not cause allergies and dry skin and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Ingredient: Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, hydrocolloid

Diameter: 12mm

Thickness: 0.25 mm

How it works:
* Quickly and effectively clear acne. Kill bacteria without irritating or drying the skin
* Absorb wound exudate, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing
* Invisible, cover acne flaws, easy to apply makeup

* Can be used as mini wound paste


Easy to use :
1. Clean and dry the skin, leave the target area without any cream
2. Remove the film and stick on the target area gently
3. Put the edge of the acne patch tight
4. As the patch turns white full of excretion,replace it with a new one
NOTE: Use it mainly for pimples with fluid or pus in it, not very useful for closed comedo

Warm Tips:

* It's time to replace with a new one when the color of the patch changes from translucent to white
* Wash and dry your face before use, especially the forehead and the T area
* Avoid affecting its stickiness, please do not apply any cream on the target area
* You could prick the red acne with a sterilized pin, but dont squeeze or touch
* Use carefully if you are sensitive to hydrocolloid. Stop using if any discomfort occurs



You can either buy this, or a single sheet of 20 patches for $7 at CVS. The choice is pretty clear. These packages last forEVER for a tiny fraction of the cost. Apply easily, stay well, and very gentle removal.


Amazon Customer

They do exactly what's advertised. I wasn't able to use them under make-up; however, leaving them on overnight or even during the day when I'm not wearing make up proves to be extremely helpful in eliminating blackheads, pimples, and other unwanted things. One suggestion-- make sure the pimple is open or popped in some way. It really does help the process go more quickly.


Morgan Rose

Works great for my daughter


Maryann C.

This definitely remove oil from your pores. I have sensitive skins and these are very soothing for inflamed blemishes. This is my first time buying a product like this, I mainly chose them for the cost and quantity. So far I find them very useful.



Looking forward to seeing if these help all kinds of pimples or just the gross red ones with whiteheads!!Happy with the patches so far,I put one on and slept with it on all night, and it was white in the morning. Took it off, and the redness from the pimple definitely decreased in size and it wasn't painful to touch.



These are literally the greatest thing to ever happen for my acne. My face was a disaster when I received them. They vacuum up all the junk overnight, are fairly invisible to wear during the day in public if you’re desperate, and heal picked acne like nothing else. Amazing product. I just need a bigger pack!



These do work - thank you! I was a bit skeptical at first.I wore the patches and the blemish was almost gone that has been there for about 4 weeks!



This is my nose without make up without anything!!! That one blemish disappeared with this little circle acne pad. I barely remembered it was on until I rubbed my nose and it accidentally rolled off.



I've tried only one other brand of pimple patches, and these don't really compare. They stayed on for only a couple of hours, whereas the others have stayed on for 8 hrs or more. They did draw up oil and fluid, but they needed to stay on the skin for a longer amount of time to make a difference.

I thought I'd save money by trying these, but it was a waste.


Gabriela Torres

I am always tempted to pop my zits but ultimately I know the damage it can bring and this product diminishes my zits in no time sometimes some are gone the next day.



There are the ones I chose most recently and I love them! So far I’ve found these to be much more effective than any other brand I’ve used.



This product is amazing and does what it says. So I will definitely be buying this over and over!



They beat a bandage.



As someone with a lot of acne,this guy has saved me so many times. I usually put it over a popped pimple, and in the morning, the pimple is practically gone.


Taylor Child

These are a must have in your beauty kit. They shrink the pimples and help them heal a lot faster than if you were to just leave it uncovered or even with a bandaid. It's best to use it at night while you sleep and it works OK with makeup. If you're looking for something completely invisible under makeup, this isn't it. It's still visible. But as a nighttime pimple healer, it works better than anything else I've tried.


Runner Up

This product works as intended but it does not make every pimple disappear like magic. The dots are clear. You forget you even have one on.


The Shocker

These patches/stickers work very well. They are easy to use and stick on sturdily. The results have been good too. It’s easy to pop these on after a shower and let them do their magic!



I recently have been having more of a breakout as my workload has significantly increased recently. Marry that with for sleeping you probably can guess what results from that if you're already looking at this product. The steps are intuitive and very simple to use. Within a couple days I noticed a decrease or complete disappearance of my pimples. However, as I warn everyone, it's important to understand that everyone's experience will always be different. I hope it works for you like it did for me


Trish stonebeck

The main thing to remember about these little pads is that they are most effective after the pimple has come to head and has popped.It speeds up the healing process by pulling the rest of the crap out of your skin and medicated discs… Well,they medicate it.I think that fascinates me about them is that they are virtually invisible. If you peel them off carefully without bending the edge then lay it flat on your skin across the zit it Just kind of blends in with your skin , at least mine. I could even wear mine with make up on and it still stayed put for hours. I don’t know that it sped up the process a whole lot quicker but it looked a lot better than all those stupid concealer’s that look like crap and just draw tension to it. Don’t try putting make up over it ( the patch), it doesn’t workAnd honestly it doesn’t need it.



I'm obsessed. If you have a blemish that's going to pop up overnight, slap one of these stickers on and they suck out all of the gunk overnight! These stickers also blend in pretty well, I've worn them to work on occasion!