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Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots)

Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots) Item NO: SC-FA002

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  • It can efficiently absorb wound exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing.
  • Hydrocolloid is a superabsorbent material, helps accelerate wound healing and remove dirt, replenishes seriously stressed skin in a flash.
  • Prevents bacteria invasion, protects blemish from external pollution and irritation while providing a mild, moist, and unpolluted heeling environment.
  • Invisible, drug free, waterproof and breathable, can be worn day or night, with or without makeup.
  • Perfect for all skin type and all ages. Non-drying thanks to its hydrophilicity.
  • 100% Safe Ingredient: Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, hydrocolloid.
  • Package: 20 dots*6 Sheets. Diameter: 12mm. Thickness: 0.25 mm.
Product Name Acne Pimple Master Patch,Φ12mm, 20 Dots x 6 Sheets(120 Dots)
Item NO SC-FA002
Weight 0.02 kg = 0.0441 lb = 0.7055 oz
Category Skin Care
Tag Acne Pimple Master Patch , Hydrocolloid pimple stickers , Hydrocolloid Absorbing Bandages , Pimple Cover , Acne Treatment
Brand Liberex
Creation time 2018-09-18

Liberex acne pimple master patch does well in protecting, treating pimples and preventing infection.

Hydrocolloid removes dirt, oil, makeup, and replenishes seriously stressed skin in a flash. It will not cause allergies and dry skin and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Ingredient: Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, hydrocolloid

Diameter: 12mm

Thickness: 0.25 mm

How it works:
* Quickly and effectively clear acne. Kill bacteria without irritating or drying the skin
* Absorb wound exudate, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing
* Invisible, cover acne flaws, easy to apply makeup

* Can be used as mini wound paste


Easy to use :
1. Clean and dry the skin, leave the target area without any cream
2. Remove the film and stick on the target area gently
3. Put the edge of the acne patch tight
4. As the patch turns white full of excretion,replace it with a new one
NOTE: Use it mainly for pimples with fluid or pus in it, not very useful for closed comedo

Warm Tips:

* It's time to replace with a new one when the color of the patch changes from translucent to white
* Wash and dry your face before use, especially the forehead and the T area
* Avoid affecting its stickiness, please do not apply any cream on the target area
* You could prick the red acne with a sterilized pin, but dont squeeze or touch
* Use carefully if you are sensitive to hydrocolloid. Stop using if any discomfort occurs


Cheng Moua

They let me tackle my spots effectively and avoid causing myself other skin irritations.I’ve used them a couple of times and i’ve been really pleased with the results!I highly recommend these.


Kelly Mount

I bought this product to solve the problem of acne. They stick well and are waterproof.My daughter uses it, too. Just make sure your skin is clean and dry when you use them.It will be purchased again later. I highly recommend buying in bulk. Believe me, you will want more.


Delia Martinez-Ruiz

Have tried several acne patches and these work great for drying up cysts under the skin. The product is also more 'sturdy' and easier to apply than others. Pimple patches are the only solution I have found that works and prevents picking. Highly recommend!



Acne days are a hassle for me.The pimple is sore and swollen.My colleague recommended this product to me.After using it for a while, I was pleasantly surprised.Use this product every night and you'll be surprised the next day.The next day, the pimple will disappear a lot.Since it's often impossible to completely clear a pimple, it can reappear, which is bad.This product can completely dispel acne, anti - inflammation.I will continue to buy this product



After a few days of use, the acne effect is really good, the basic acne started a week or so slowly down, used many types of acne products are useless, through many detours, a friend recommended to use, as expected did not let me down, there are still some, will continue to use for a period of time, looking forward to better results.


Lisa Shaik

Good With very mild, no irritation, not allergic, so rest assured to use, the face acne is gone, the skin also began to get better, feel the face is also a lot of clean, , put on will not be greasy, the effect is really good, will introduce friends to buy, wish merchants sell


Len Pitman

I was soooo happy to see it here on amazon. There are so many sheets and there’s small ones and big ones and they work so well I love them so much!


Sampson Louise

if you were going to try to wear acne patches during the day, I think these would be the best I have found for that. Larger than many other brands, which helps it suck more gunk out.



The product is good, it is very helpful for the skin.


James Miller

My skin is particularly prone to acne, it really is my savior, its effect let me feel particularly surprised, I recommend you to use, to clean your face, try to use at night bed, the effect will be better, I would like to say that it is really a good product at a reasonable price


Chloe Henley

sometimes two- for my cystic acne to heal. But these patches did it in 3 days. I am forever going to be using these and telling absolutely everyone about them!


Marshall Bertram

I wear them at night, and they truly help to draw out the impurity from the acne spot, leaving It much better healed and less red and swollen, in the morning!


Omar Yanez

it works,highly recommend,thanks


Marcos Tony

I have been plagued by acne for a long time, sometimes I do not dare to go out, for a long time can not completely repair, really annoying!So I decided to try to buy some products to treat myself.It has been used for a while, and slowly it has been effective.Hopefully it will heal completely so I can have a good date.


Katie Hockenberry

I used to have very sensitive skin. But this product fits my skin well. And it works very well. Will buy back!



The effect of the product is very good, the paste will not be very obvious, the color is very light, also very comfortable, and there will be no tingling feeling. This is a good way to protect the face, do not worry about infection.



The product really works, and I'm happy with the way these little patches work。 The swelling if any around the problem area will go down, the redness, and some of my acne actually was gone the next day. Highly Recommend and will be buying again!



Use is very convenient, block the effect is very good very close look to cannot see stick to have a thing at all, also cannot see grow to have blain blain, about an hour or so dou dou can disappear, take out patch stick can see the white material that draws out apparently, should be sanitation and rest assured than with the hand extrusion


Blake Brown

My skin is very sensitive, I often long blain blain, I doubt this method, the sensitive skin is suitable for me, I put a it around 6 PM, torn off before you go to sleep, to wake up in the morning, blain blain is not red, inflammation, or pain, they don’t have any drugs or irritating chemicals, just in order to protect the skin from the bacterial infection, very suitable for me, I like it very much


Marcia Guy

I have a bad pimple and it will take a long time to repair.Used to grow repeatedly, really annoying!So I decided to use it to repair my face.I didn't even feel it at first, but today, I'm back to the way I used to be. I love it!